Monday, December 12, 2011

OverMuchly Wonders

So I started building my website last night. Interesting thing a website. I decided this while I was looking at other people's blogs. A lot of writers that are their own business also had websites. So that means I have to have one too.

I thought at the time it was a good idea. I had not actually sat down to make one yet. Later I wanted to pull out my hair. However it must be done so it shall be done, and soon. Today while I was doing that google+ thing (, trying to get myself out there I stumbled on this link:, which had an awesome list of reasons why I need a web page.

So what's on this web page? Glad you asked. It will have my second ever public short story: OverMuchly Wonders (working title, seriously I may change that when it's done). The first one was submitted to (look up Tia3, The Maintenance Man). I wrote that one over ten years ago and never got up the nerve to write another one.

Like Ms. Friedman suggested there will be a little bio and as they come, there will be more shorts. This one I came up with, during a work break. Since it' the holidays now we have half-days, I immediately rushed home to get it off paper and on file. So look for the First (Second) story in the next few days on the website which of course I'll link that when it is done.

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to answer the pole. So far I'm the only one who voted. The pole closes in six days.

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