Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Friday Fictioneers - The Old Tramp.

I have no excuse of neglecting my blog (again), but with a little encouragement from of all people my American Lit Teacher, I've decided to return to it for the time being.

This is of course due the the Flash Fiction book that finally got published. Yes, yours truly got in on that action. And trust me I'm happy I did. Being the overachieving twat that I am, I had to show it to my teacher. Which brings me to the question she just had to ask: Are you still doing this every week? 

No, said I. Which forced her to ask me, why not. I didn't have an answer to that. 

So without further ado I bring you, The Old Tramp (98-99 words)
Copyright Adam Ickes
Tuesdays and Thursdays she passed the old tramp. He parked his cart, with all his belongings, near the table by the mural. He would feed the birds using the money he made, panhandling. 

Thursday she was rushing, but noticed he wasn’t there. Tuesday, he was back, empty handed, minus the cart. The birds hungrily milling about his unprotected feet. 

She left home earlier that following Thursday, carrying a pair of shoes her husband wouldn’t miss. She placed them on the table. The tramp needed them more than she did. Her husband died last year. She hoped they fit.

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