Sunday, April 19, 2015

Have I decided to start blogging again?

Honestly, I really don't know. Business is beyond slow. Business you say? Yes I started a business. I decided sometime in March of 2014, that along with the school, where I  was doing super duper well, that I needed a new challenge. I wasn't writing as much, and I decided I needed to stay creative. Trust me I should have just started writing again. ALL writers know, of course, that writing is hard sometimes, so saying something as flippant as start writing again, is kind of an insult.

I came up with a "boutique" at home jewelry making company called, Three Animals Handmade Accessories. I have to tell you, I made a killing over the winter months. Now that the weather is transitioning and people aren't so much in the home browsing the Internet, I'm not making much money. I figure it will pick up later in the year. I'm worried but, I'm crazy so the things I worry about for my business might not be the same worries a sane small business owner might have. Let's not get into what those are just yet. I don't want to find out that I'm actually normal in this aspect.

What brings me back to my dusty blog? Well I'm not sure that I'm back. I just felt like writing something that wasn't going to be restricted to 140 characters, littered with pictures, and not really meant to draw likes. I just wanted to be candid I think, without the whole Facebook Fakery spin everything has to have today.

Maybe I miss the intimacy of the five people who faithfully read this blog. Maybe I just wanted to put out some information. Maybe I wanted calm inward reflection. Yes that might be it. Maybe be I came back to this unknown dead blog, because I wanted a little privacy.  I don't know when I'll return again to this blog, but frankly it's just good to see it and remember that I used to be a person with ideals and goals that had nothing to do with making money, getting likes and appeasing the masses without rocking the boat.

That was my goal when I started this blog.

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