Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Endless Warrior Friday Fictioneer March 1, 2013

I wanted to bow out of this picture this week. The alternative was to go back to working on my dress that has been kicking my ass ALL WEEK . I won't go into much detail except for the fact that I've had to take it apart twice so far and I went through one spool of thread already.  I decided to do a little creative writing instead. Much more therapeutic than sewing.
If I can finish this I can do anything.
(Especially therapeutic if you're not that good at it. I took up sewing when I my writer's block didn't go away.)

This week's photo prompt made me think of time travel. I think it's the photos in the side compartment that do it. It also had me looking for uncommon names and going over the word count. Say hello to Ajax the warrior and Nitya the timeless.

Copyright Beth Carter

The Endless Warrior, 122 words:

Nitya heard the keys but refused to hope. Every day Ajax entered the garage, keys jangling and took the car. She knew that the car was the appropriate choice, it did not stop the hurt she felt whenever the garage door closed behind them. A glimpse of the world outside, fresh air, sky and road stretched endlessly, while she rotted inside.

The garage doors made the slow crawl upward. The car’s engine started. He parked it just outside the doors overhead. Dare she hope?

Ajax sat in the worn seat, disturbing the dust in the compartment.

“When and where to?” Nitya said hoping to not sound too eager.

“Anywhere but here.” He caressed the dashboard as she hummed to life and they disappeared.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hope - Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt

You ever just see a change coming and you feel it so much that you end up ignoring all the ones who don't believe? 

I've got "Hope" at exactly 100 words. Over on Facebook I took one look at this picture and immediately said something about fairies. Well that might happen. And then I might win the lottery too. You may never know I might come back and do a second one before Friday...

Please give some credit to Janet Webb for this picture. Trust me when I say this picture is Trashy Mass Produced Romance Novel worthy. There has to be a story behind it.

Copyright Janet Webb


“Sweet swirling onion rings, it’s disgusting.” Andrew said as the building came into view. The ramshackle roof was partially collapsed. There would be months of work to do here.

“But look at it! This place is magical!” Steph practically sang.

“A magical mess. What possesd you to buy this place?”

“He told me to.” Steph sounded infinitely sad, as she did every time “He” was mentioned.

“Steph, you need to let Tim go. Baby, he’s gone, he’s never coming back no matter how much he loved you.”

Steph waved the thought away. “We can be together here. He told me.”

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friday Fictioneer - Untitled 2/14/2013

I'm at a loss for what to name this one. Coming in at 104 words I'm just going to say this. If we could do things with just a though, what wouldn't or shouldn't you do?

I have to hand it to the photographer David Stewart. I really like this picture. me.

Copyright David Stewart

“You know what would be super cool, is if the statue reached out and grabbed that little kid.” He whispered into her ear. She immediately looked back at the statue.  A family positioned their two little girls beneath the statue’s outstretched hand.
“Why would you say that. you know what will happen next.” She grabbed him and hastily left the square, hoping nothing would move. Shrill cries rang out behind them, but she kept them moving further away.

“What’s wrong with you? I told you my thoughts were dangerous.” She hissed.

“Can’t you stop it?”

“No, stupid. Once they’re live I can’t do anything.” 

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Monday, February 11, 2013

I may be loosing my mind a bit. Or at least my way.

Not to this degree but it's getting there.
I have been making an attempt to be productive in my extended and unwanted period of unemployment. I've taken up sewing, I've even become a container gardner, I've mastered certain dishes to the point that they now seem more old hat and less complicated. That does not change the three things: I'm still unemployed, I'm still not in school, and I'm not writing like I used to.

Two of those things were never part of the plan. But either way the longer I continue to be stagnant the more stuff I'll have to "do" to keep from being more of a burden and less of a person making do.

I'd like nothing  more to get back into doing book reviews. I thought they were helping my in my goal of getting know. They were to an extent but I wasn't getting any companies to pick me up as a reviewer. I must have been going about that the wrong way. The second point about doing the book reviews was the cost. As I mentioned a million times before. I am unemployed. The amount of money I  put toward this non-paying hobby was seriously dipping into what little money I do have. I had to find another way.

I did enjoy reviewing the books. I hope to start that up again when I have the finances in a more stable, less starving condition. I think probably go back down to the one a week. Those E-books while much more convenient and more profitable for the author were just killing me.

You know what else is sapping my motivation? Dating. I'm of course talking about my addiction to I recently changed my profile to the most negative way I can portray myself just to see if the dogs would leave me alone. They didn't. So I had to add this to my profile and for a while I got a little peace.

It wasn't particularly nice of me but I still don't care. I figured that there is really no reason for me to complain about being single because seriously if I wanted to date I'd be dating. I just like looking at the profiles. It's sort of like shoe shopping without having to actually try on the pair in question.

Getting back to the sewing. I like it and with the National City Swap Meet selling fabric for $1.50-$2.00 per yard I'm going okay. I seem to be getting better. Some time in december I started doing this so that I'd have clothes to wear to job interviews. These two blouses I managed to finish with out losing a substantial chunk of my finger. But I get a kind of satisfaction from completing a garment. My office somehow morphed into a work room but I think once the shine has worn off on this new skill I'll get my office back. 

As I said before creatively I'm pretty stagnant I don't like it. I wonder if there is something to it? Maybe I'm not serious about writing? Maybe I've been wasting my time. This whole year has been full of ups and downs and random crap that has nothing to do with being a writer. Maybe I just need some regimen that I can stick to. 

But enough of that. It's Monday and I have things to do. One being that I need to clean my work room. There's thread everywhere and at least two patterns still open and strewn about the floor. I'm pretty sure if I walk in there barefoot I'll step on a push-pin and I definitely have to unplug my iron.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fictioneer- Waiting at the Gates

You ever start thinking in your head all kinds of messy scenarios about why your flight is late? No well I do, and so do the neurotic people I make up in my head. With that in mind, let's see what this nameless wonder does when his/her flight is late.

Copyright Rich Voza

Waiting at the Gates

You notice anything odd about that plane? It’s blocking your  gate. All the other planes are coming and going across the corridor but this one is the only plane on your side. Should you say something? What if the other travelers already said something? It’s been over an hour. The airline should say something. Did some one move in the window? Go look, take a picture.

“Attention passengers gate A-19 is now closed. Please see your nearest guest representative for new gate assignment and flight information.”

There was some one in the window. Did anyone else see that?

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