Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flash Fictioneer Friday: Berries and Pip

For once I actually got my story down to not 100 but 99 words! Yeah I'm awesome *wink
This week we have a truly lovely picture from Ms. Woods, which reminds me that I need to get my indoor herb garden situated. I want mint darnnit! But I'm getting off topic.

I challenge you to figure out where my inspiration for this week's offering comes from.

~ Pip saw the berries the first time last week. They were further up than he’d ever climbed before. He nervously groomed his nose while he made up his mind.

“Sweet looking berries there Pip” Bolo grunted as he nudged the young pup, just for nudging sake.
“They do look juicy, Bolo” Pip stammered.
Bolo tested the base of the the fruit heavy branch. “You’re small enough Pip. Go out and get em’, and you better not eat any of them.” 
Pip reached the berries just as Bolo squealed. The adder Pip escaped earlier, found it’s evening meal.
Pip smiled. ~

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Stay tuned for another entry over the weekend. I've got my hands on something NON-Fiction for once that just so happens to not have been published and I get to wax poetic all over it. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thursday's Bean Counter: Internet Edition

This edition of the Bean Counter is pact full of stuff from the internet:

Because it's Fucking Bruce Lee bitches!!!

 +100 Seriously, it's Bruce Lee need I say more???

My Profile on OkayCupid is being stalked by some guy in Ireland STILL. This was in last week's inbox : -10

It's only gotten worse since then.   -25

Lost power on Sunday for about seven hours.  -12

Luckily it was during the day time. +5

Unluckily it was during the day time in San Diego in June. -15

Some time around 10AM Wednesday the blog hit over 5000 views. Rock the fuck on. +43

Finally upgraded from Text Edit to Pages and was pleasantly pleased to find out that I have over 41,000 words down in The New God. +50

Spent two hours looking for batteries for the wall clock. Found the batteries then couldn't remember where I put the wall clock when I put it down. FAIL -21

Took Chewy to the Groomers dyed his tale  green this time. Now he color coordinates with my current bed set, his leash and harness, my designer house key, his poopy bags, most of the towels in the bathroom and a bunch of other things. At least he doesn't have an ugly mow-hawk like last time. +/- 0

Realized I was dragging around at least three inches of badly damaged hair. I cut some of it myself and I was okay. +5

Realized that I might have to take the rest of my hair to a salon and have some random person coming at me with a pair of scissors. -12

My sole reason for venturing to Los Angeles in July just canceled. Maxwell I know you're just doing this so I don't throw my panties at you. You ain't sick, get yo fine ass back on stage. I been waiting years to see you again. -30 

The upshot is them $100 tickets will get refunded. +13

Karaoke on Monday was a crap shoot. Super sore throat again and three hours of sleep. I crashed after two songs, even though I signed up for five and one was a duet. -17

My favorite Happy Panda buddy on Facebook was on fire today with a million billion e-cards my favorite today was: 


Then he came back with this:

+26 I'll never think about Oreo Cookies the same ever again.

Mom is still threatening us with her presence and the count down has started.  I don't even know how to begin to score that one....

The California DMV is not as bad as I expected! Even though there's dire warnings not to miss your scheduled appointment, I was seen promptly since I came in there looking like a lost puppy. What did I learn from this? THE DMV MAKES APPOINTMENTS FOR ID'S??????? WINNING +18

Shared my first ever pod cast with everyone I know and care meagerly for. Most of them said that my section sounded like hot steamy shite. They didn't mean it the nice way. So I guess I'll be sound proofing my office if I want to do more.  -12

Decided that I needed a vanity set like three years ago. Finally went looking for one in the millions of billions of thrift stores all over San Diego. Awakened a memory of being dragged all over Boston with my mother doing the same thing, until she found one. Broke down and cried because I'm turning into my her.  -40. 20 for the realization and another 20 for the awful public display.

Since I don't even care what the last tally was I'm starting new. What's the total? 93 Fuck yeah life is pretty good this week.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday: Amped by Daniel H. Wilson

This week I'm super excited to bring you Amped by Daniel Wilson. Danny is what I'd call a certified Geek. Hell yeah, me and Chewy love certified geeks. The book cover says this guy has a Ph. D. in robotics. So if all else fails (which it won't because the guy is flipping brilliant) he could always work at  Myth Busters. That's not a bad idea.

Amped first off is not something I'd pick off the the shelf I'm not even sure how I found it on Amazon.  No one recommended it to me either. The lucky thing sort of fell into my shopping cart. Weird.

Anywhoo, the book as I mentioned on Facebook, begins with the suicide of a teenage girl. Not the kind you'd think either. She wasn't saddened over the next installment of Twilight. (Though the though of Twilight makes me want to shoot myself or hurl) She saw the future of what as to come and decided to check out early.

What is amazing about this story is that Daniel uses fear and ignorance to motivate both the pro and antagonist in this story. Fear works the best when coupled with ignorance and that fear if cultivated, can make the mob do amazing things. Oh yeah there's a mob and there's politics to at it's filthiest.

In this alternate universe or possible future depending on how you look at it, people with disabilities can be cured with a piece of technology inserted into their brains. That's a great innovation until everyone with this implant becomes such a better human. Of course the pure humans get mad. Their livelihood becomes threatened when these super humans start actually being super.

Enter a place where the hate is commonplace, accepted and even encouraged. The book is history repeating itself when these advanced humans are forced into camps with no laws protecting them against the angry masses that surround them. Enter unlikely savior, Owen.

Owen 's lived most his life with an implant he thought he knew everything about. He'd spent that life trying desperately ignoring the problems being an amp dealt with in hope of just being normal. All that goes way of the dinosaur in the this book and he's forced to embrace his abilities then choose how he's going to use them.

I found myself hoping he won the entire time. I won't ruin the ending on this one. Let's hope I haven't done that so far with any book. On my Vlog I gave it two thumbs up. Unless we come up with a better rating system that's the best I got.

Want to see the video?

 Hey don't forget to check back  tomorrow for the Bean Counter and then Friday for The Flash Fictioneers.

Want to read next week's book with me? Go pick up  Under a Vampire Moon by Lynsay Sands.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Very First Pod Cast!!!!

So an associate of mine on Google+ decided that he was going to take on a full cast for his next podcast. He asked for volunteers and I stuck my neck out.

Lest be honest people. My voice does not belong certain places. You can ask anyone on three ships still in commission about my Time Checks, my First Call to Colors or my Sun Rise, especially my Sun Rise. We all know that I can work my voice on the phone as proven a few time before and after my service. But can Ms. Townes get on a Pod Cast? I don't know.

Before I drop the link on all the unsuspecting I need to say something. Before I ever lend my voice for anything else I will have to figure out the echo situation in my home. Having heard it mixed with others I felt well, I felt like I was going to a really nice ball wearing a sun dress from Ross's. Sad but true.

Another thing You have to check out this guy: Nobilis Reed. He does erotica, he's an avid Google+er and is all around a cool guy to have in a circle. You should check him out. Here's his website, chock full of naughty things, meant to make you uncomfortable in a multitude of ways.

He kindly linked my blog on his site. Yay me!!!

I may just make this guy my mentor whether he likes it or not.
With out further ado, here is what the finished product sounds like. Forgive me for loosing my nerdy little mind at the sound of my own voice: here

Thanks Nobilis for letting me do something new. I can actually hear what you were talking about and hopefully I can get the sound issues fixed really soon. I'm thinking some rods and a few black out curtains might do the trick.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fictioneer: The Dragon Fly and the Princess

This Friday brings the return of the Fictioneers to this blog and boy does Ms. Woods want to test me. This week we have a little girl and her father. I hope everyone thinks back to when little kids make too much sense and get a chuckle out what this little Pumpkin has to say.

The Dragon Fly and the Princess:

"Daddy I want it."
"Why do you want it cupcake?" The Dragon Fly perched on a rock waiting for the answer. 
"Because it's pretty. And, and, you said princesses should have pretty things."
"Yes Pumpkin, but what if it already belongs to another princess? Won't that make her sad?" 
The Dragon Fly released a breathe. What the father said made sense even if there were no other princesses.
The little girl thought. 
"There are no other princesses Daddy, if there is, she's invading." The King realized his error. 
"Yes Pumpkin, there aren't any princesses."
"If there is Daddy, you have to kill her." The Princess smiled brightly. "I want it Daddy."

You can check out Madison Woods new web page for more Friday Fictioneers, or on Facebook or follow us on Twitter #FridayFictioneers. Enjoy the Blog Hop.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday's Bean Counter: Not much to show for it

What can I say for this week? Not much.

Honestly I don't even really have anything for this week's Bean Counter, so I went back to the original Bean Counter for inspiration. They weren't much help. There were some bears though...

With that said I have to apologize. I've been really enjoying the quiet solitude of not having a super dramatic and destructive roommate around the house giving a pallor to everything I hold dear. My only issue now is where to forward his mail.

I'm thinking I want to go see a movie after I fight with the DMV some more. This not having a CA ID is slowly but killing me.

You know what's even more disturbing? Still working on chapter seven. at least I'm not the only one hoping I finish my book. I was contacted by a self publishing company today called IUniverse. I heard of them before but only because they approached me before. I've never sent them any samples of my work. Frankly I have nothing to offer them, yet they are all about helping me publish.

Ms. Townes is well versed in scams and this one smells phishy. What does one with little faith and lots of doubt do? Aside from call themselves Thomas? I Google them. Not just Google them, I Google+'ed them. Of course they are known, and avoided like the plague. A fellow author and pod caster muscled up and gave me the skinny on them. They ask for your hard earned money upfront then nothing.

You know what it sounds like to me? That moment in House Party 2 where Iman's character Sheila, suckers Play out of Kid's scholarship check. It's a ten minute video but hey it's totally worth it, well to me anyway. I'm trying to make a point.

This is how people take advantage of others and IUniverse stinks of that. So what I'm going to end up doing is taking the advice of my pod caster friend and do it the old fashion way. Send off samples when the book is done (sometime in 2013 early) and hope for a miracle. Maybe I'll take the time to work on the plethora of other stories I have going. Or maybe rework the first book I started when I was still attached to the ship in Norfolk. Now that was a good story and the girls in the berthing over there on the San Antonio always had me swimming in inspiration. Of course I have to finish this one first. It is always good though to look to the future.

Funny thing about looking for old movies on YouTube, once you find what you're looking for you find other stuff. 45 minutes after I found this video did I mange to upload it. What was I watching on you tube? Well...

Because yeah that's what I was raised on.

But after I've wasted a good portion of my life and my writing time not writing I guess I'll have to just work on the memory spell tomorrow.

Chewy says bye.

What Am I Reading Wednesday- Fifty Shades of Grey

I've been hearing about that book for a few weeks on Facebook. Some of my home girls scattered through out the country, and in some cases the world, have been talking about it. Well Ms. Townes was curious. Even more curious when Haywood mentioned it in her blog.

You can't find Fifty Shades of Grey in Walmart and frankly I'd be shocked to shit if I did. I had to venture on to once again kicking myself got having not purchased a Kindle. I was then  treated to not one book but a trilogy.

Well break my little heart, another stinking series. I'm not hating on the "series" I'm just hating on the fact that once again I got sucked into another book that will make me buy the rest just to finish a story. Suckdom I tell you suckdom, so E. L. what'sherface this better be good.

Speaking of What'sherface- here's the website E L James has a tastefully erotic site with out even looking erotic. It's all about the book I tell you and once you read the book, that website takes on a whole new meaning. But let me tell you about how I could not, NOT, put this book down.

Ms. James seems to have the same verve, spark and magnetism you find in the Harry Potter books. Though there aren't any epic Quidditch matches or Lizard Faced Evil Genius out to kill little boys, but it's got that easy readability you find through out all JK Rowlings books. But we're not talking about a book that grows with you. This is definitely a big GIRL book.

Our two Main Characters here are Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. For the life of me I can't really picture this chick. I just assumed for the first 50 or so pages that this chick was super frump to the extreme. Like wise with Christian though not super frump. More like filthy stinking rich. It takes a good while for me to gradually get an image of what they look like, but who cares, the book is fucking awesome. Though it just now dawns on me after I've put this book in my shelf that Mr. Grey is a Ginger, it all makes sense now. He has no soul.

Grey is a hot mess of self contained rage. He's got some truly deep issues that prevents him from being the man she needs. Yet the poor helpless child falls for him anyway. Ana is literally three people, the active and functioning body, her inner goddess and her self conscious who apparently looks like a librarian. This takes that whole inner monologue to an entirely different level. Since the book is written about her, we spend a lot of time visualizing the goddess and the librarian at odds with each other. I like it.

In the first book alone I see a lot of compromise between the two of them to make the relationship work. I see a lot of growth too and I'm pretty darn anxious to see what happens in the next installment. If it reads anything like book one, I'll be done in two days or less.

Oh and for the people who haven't read or heard about this wonderfully told story, there's smut lots of it and it's done well. That's what makes this story so freaking believable. Ms. James did her research, that or she knows it from first hand experience. (shame shame we know your name) GOOD ON YOU Lady James. Also she manages to make of all places Washington State seem inviting. I'm not saying Washington doesn't have anything to offer, it just doesn't have anything to offer me. I went there once I didn't like it, rained a lot.

I'm going to say that EL James nailed the fuck out of this book over all. Did she manage to draw me in? Yes. Was her website appealing? Yes. Will I read anything else after I finish this trilogy by EL James? Yes. See, fucking nailed it. Now go buy the book dammit!!!

But before you do that watch my Youtube video:

Next week's book will be Amped by Daniel H. Wilson: It looks like some sort of tech fiction that I might not finish but since it only took me two days to read Fifty Shades I guess I might start early. The write up on it was really intriguing. It appears initially to be mostly suspense though, I'm going to with hold my opinion until the end though just in case I find myself loving this book too.

Until next time.

If anyone has a hard copy of a new fiction book out and they want it read and reviewed by yours truly leave me a comment here, Tweet me @AtiyaWTownes, or email me so I can  work it into the schedule. I'm all for helping out another unknown like myself. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Catch Me Up Yo...

I've been a very busy girl.

The place is finally RFKAO free so I've been doing a bunch of things here and there to make this place completely inhabitable. For yours truly of course. I entertained the idea of getting another roommate, but then I like living by myself way too much.

I've also been getting ahead of myself with the book reviews. I'm two weeks ahead thanks to the last three wonderfully awesome books. So since I've pretty much gotten a week off I figured I'd tackle some rather important things.

My GI Bill where do I start? It always seems way easier when you're in the service to get things done because there are people who's sole job is to run paperwork for every one else. God I miss those people. When I was on board the ships I never appreciated them. I could totally use one now.

But alas I went up to school to hand them some random form and they sent me on a wild goose chase across Down Town San Diego. Good thing I had my comfy sandals on. I think I would have given up if I hadn't. I feel positive though that I'll get everything squared away with plenty of time to spare before school starts.

Mother is coming to town at the end of July and frankly the idea scares me. I love her to death, however when we seem to be in the same room for long periods of time, I just want to bite her face off. My good friend thinks I need a hobby. He may be right. Mom has given me a tentative itinerary for her time with me and it involves a lot of road tripping. I think I'm going to have to pass on some of that. I don't know how well my Chewy travels and I can't afford a kennel for him. May be I should take up some meditation or something.

The job hunt has continued, the approach to it has changed though. Since I stopped working for the agency last Monday there's been a need to find a summer job and quickly. What I realized today is that I'm not the only one looking for a summer job AND that just sucks. But my rent is paid all the way to September so I guess I'm not in that much of a hurry. 

I wish I could say that I've been busy working on the book. That isn't the case. All the notes on the massively clever chapter seven are still in note and voice recording phase. I'm actually glad I took the time to record it because I think I'd be stuck otherwise.  But I'd rather have notes than nothing at all. I wonder how much should I devote to it? Am I cheating myself if I just throw something there and play catch up? What a crook!!! Never skimp on the book. If there is time, WRITE. If there isn't time, take notes. Never just throw something together. Who'd buy something just thrown together? Not after the books I've been reading lately.

I wonder about the discipline these writers have. Clearly I lack it and I need to find it quick. Especially as I form the rest of the story. Especially as I plan more and more of what I want to show as the NEXT Great American Novel. (That sounded so romantically cheesy I even gagged a little) I'll ask them. Since I've started telling the authors that I've checking out their book some of them have been really good about opening a dialogue with me. Pretty Fucking cool right?

Maybe now is a good time to cut out the Internet dating and take care of me. I thought I was, but I wasn't. Besides if I really wanted to date I'd pick better guys, not the losers I've been encountering. I don't want to divide myself anymore that I need to and trolling dating sites, believe it or not ,takes up a lot of time. 

Until next time - Your Fly is open.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday - Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

This week brings an interesting book. I've seen it and heard of it and frankly just did care to read the dam thing. How ever before I cracked open said book I wanted to know who this guy was.

I found out a few things. The guy responsible for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Seth Grahame-Smith is also responsible for of all things, "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" on MTV. I've had the unfortunate luck of catching said show once. Never again. In his defense it is on MTV and unless you like that shite on MTV or if you're like a teenage mom, you won't like this. 

I even dragged my ass on cracking the book open, but it was already Wednesday and I was behind. So I sat down that night and read.

And I was truly truly truly impressed.

First off Mr. Grahame-Smith inserted himself into the story using the introduction. Funny I look at introductions and gauge whether or not I actually want to read them. It appeared too long for my small brain. But I figured if I'm going to talk about a book I should do it justice and read the whole thing into and all. Good on me for doing that because Mr. Grahame-Smith set the stage for some very extraordinary things.

The actual book book starts with a few historical facts about Young Abe, his life with his family and it's not very stable. Having never read anything about President Lincoln, I can only assume the constant moving his family did might be factual.

There's plenty of verifiable stuff weaved in with an awesome and imaginative tale. I have to give it to Seth, he did a great job. I was immersed, I got to follow Abraham along two rivers and witness several well written dream sequences.

Guys will love this book because Honest Abe does a pretty good job of axe wielding. Frankly, if I saw a really tall man carrying an axe I'd get the hell out of his way. But these were different times. That show Axemen ain't got shit on this, really Shit. They ain't got it. No one thought of the dangers he could pose. What ev's different times.

All in all I was impressed, in this book you get to be one with nature, channel your inner Huckleberry Fin, get a dose of late night fright, some sappy love, a whole lot of bro-mance, work some historical conspiracy theories, speculate on the future/past, and the best part, Abe Lincoln as an axe wielding vigilante. Rock on- Freaking Rock on...

The Book I got from Walmart has a mention of Tim Burton making this a movie. Tim Burton better not mess this up because I will venture out of my home to watch it. Yeah it's that good.

I also Vlogged this so you can watch it on Youtube.

Tune in Next week for Fifty Shades of Grey

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fictioneer: The Jump

This week was so terribly hard that I had to look to Chewy for inspiration. Seriously I looked at Chewy for hours on this. He climbed in my lap and stared back. What a sweet guy:

I often wonder what a dog thinks about when the human is out of control. Hopefully my take on this isn't too far fetched.

All she needs to do is love me. Let me sit in her lap and scratch my fur.

But I'm strapped to her chest, strapped to some guy that I keep growling at, in hopes of her sending the stinky man away.

He smells like poop. And he keeps trying to mate with her. I dislike him. 

It's cold and I can't really breathe well. Out in the distance there is something shiny that has no legs. How is it standing? 

The three of us seem to be getting closer to the end where there's a big hole. He keeps pushing us, and my human is scared.

Surely we're not going to fall?

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Beautiful Blogger Award?/ The Bean Counter

Well Well Hey there

I bring you the Bean Counter this week with my usual ups and downs but this week I'm hoping is mostly up.

Last Week's Tally: Whooping 115

Some Jack Ass did got a little too frisky with the mail box around the corner from my home.  He got away with some very important information and managed to commit check fraud using my payment to the VA: -100

Found out who the guy was on Facebook of all places. I compiled a packet regarding him and how I did damage control over my banking and credit information, the police didn't even look at it: -45

Rent is late again, no thanks to RFKAO, so Ms. Townes had to cash in a portion of my retirement fund just to keep me sheltered over the freaking summer: -45

Mom decided that she was coming to visit: -10

The second week of What Am I Reading Wednesdays was so good that people actually looked at the YouTube video: +25

Thanks to Gini Koch (the author of the book I reviewed) and twitter 1,176 people might know who I am Thanks Gini: +35

Even better Gini Koch is such an awesome person that she took time out her day to have a whole conversation with me. (FANGIRL) +15

Chewy has worms again: -10

But I have the treatment for it and I didn't even have to buy any. This chick came prepared: +20

The Celtics are moving on to Game 7 and all the guys that I know back home in Boston are all lamenting the fact that they could have killed the Heat tonight: -12 (honorary because I couldn't care less about Basket Ball)

Started Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and I am surprised about how much I actually like it: +17

I have a date Friday, Saturday and the return of Karaoke on Sunday: +15 because all of a sudden I'm busy???

Chewy and I took a trip to the Polls and voted for the first time in like for EVAH. No more absentee or provisional ballots for this girl: +15

Got nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award  earlier this week by one of the Fellow Flash Fictioneers: +25 I just don't know what to say about that. What a wonderful thing to pass along!!!

Found my next three books for What Am I Reading Wednesdays and frankly I think I might pull out my hair, because now I have to read them: +15

Sadly because sense I haven't been able to write I've stayed up late watching "Big Trouble in Little China" every night for the last three weeks. I didn't realize that until last night: -19 But Kurt Russell plays the best character ever in that silly movie...

Chewy found my Luchador Mask and tore it to shreds. I really liked that mask, now what am I going to wear when I dance to Lady Gaga in my underoos? : -11

Met some guy that appeared to be a very nice person online (why do I even bother?) After a week of messaging on OKayCupid, I give him my phone number only to find out that he can't speak English at all: -30

The Internet manages to always perk me up so the following at all pluses just because:
+10 Because Facebook is the ENEMY

+25 Because I could not have come up with that.

And then my inner geek creamed on herself because in 20 years there will be a Starship Enterprise. Someone figured out how to do that: +30

This Week's Tally: 80 Considering the week I'm having that's not bad.

Stay connected for the Friday Flash Fiction up in a few short hours.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday - Alien Diplomacy by Gini Koch

So I had the utmost pleasure in reading Alien Diplomacy by Gini Koch this past week and I have to say I'm ready to go ape-shit over the book.

Kitty Katt and the gang are back for more Super-being extermination. Too bad that, that's not their job anymore. The new job as heads of the Diplomatic Corps pretty much means taking two really big fish out of little pond.

This story differs with EVERYONE adjusting to new positions.  At the end of the last book there was some kind of cosmic Jenga that had everyone taking on new roles. Well done Gini, cover the whole book with a thin film of morose suckdom. It actually works. Throw in not one, not two, but three births of more alien human hybrids and you've got another hit story in my mind.

Sol and Angela also return in this story, the four dogs and three cats in tow to make life easier or harder depending on which one you're looking at. Mamma Katt aka One Bad Ass Mother shines here with minimal mention just by being her.

I did get lost at one point in the story late into it. Right before the climax Kitty has an epiphany of epic proportions. I knew this because suddenly Kitty begins asking all the right question. Sadly she asked the right question to the right person and he gave the worlds most longest drawn out answer, that my little pea brain got lost.

Lucky me I saw where Kitty was going with this and kept it moving to the action.

I completely recommend this book to anyone who like Sci-Fi with a twist. I will say that these the Kitty Katt Series CANNOT be read separately. You can but you'd be lost. Plus why would you miss a Kitty-ism? Why? They are so funny. I advise against starting out of order. In fact I forbid you.

Here's a little extra: I made a video of my review and I'd like you to watch

I'm still trying to figure out how to rate the books so if anyone wants to give me input...

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the Bean Counter and then Friday for the Flash Fiction.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get out and vote in California

So I registered to vote like the minute I moved to this side of San Diego. I was under the impression that I'd already missed the Primaries but I was wrong. You know how I know I was wrong? I kept getting random recorded calls from politicians on my cell phone. This is what I get for not picking a party eh? 

Anyway that was today and you know I took my dog. He was very well behaved until someone else brought their dog to the polls and then all hell broke loose.  At least he didn't get pee'd on like the last time we met another dog in the neighborhood.

So anyway here's a picture of my super cute dog after I cast my ballot: 

Of course the minute we got back he plopped himself on the floor and ate the sticker. Gotta love dogs.
If you'e a resident of California go find a polling center and vote no on the extra taxes on cigarettes. It's to the point where I can barely afford them so do me a solid and say no, M'kay....

I'm kidding about the cigarette, but go out and vote though, I'm not kidding about that.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Teaser for Wednesday / Call the Cops-and the Post Office

It is my greatest pleasure to say that this Wednesday I am going to review Gini Koch's latest book in the Kitty Katt Series Alien Diplomacy. While this weekend I struggled with a weekend edition on dating and failed miserably, I did finish her book and got to ponder it at leisure.

Then comes Monday and with that the start of my next book for next Wednesday. Trust me anything after Gini Koch better be dam good. Thanks to Madison Woods' facebook page I find this written by Ms. Koch herself, in Science Fiction Daily, about why her science fiction is so freaking awesome. Because it's funny. FACT

She makes a valid point and then sells you on one her other series to the point that I really want to go clear a section of me already cluttered book shelf just for her. Lord help me I might have to get another shelf.

Call the Cops -and the Post Office

Kiddies this weekend while I was home alone the whole weekend (yeah that's bad) some jacktard decided to wash a check of mine and attempt to cash it. Lucky me or unlucky how ever you want to look at it, I'm broke. He re-wrote it for $675 I don't have that in my account. I have like $40. It of course bounced.

I tried to figure out how this happened and came up with mail box tampering. Thanks to my friends and their expert level skill on Google, we found the guy. I have his facebook and myspace page, I know what high school the guy goes to. I've manage to prepare a packet for whom ever decides to actually investigate. But here I should share with you how this made me really feel.

I'm pretty butt hurt about that. Frankly I feel that it's appropriate. I could be wrong though.

So I took the following actions: I called the bank, the Post office my Uncle Jack, the Police, the big three credit bureaus, the police again, the bank again, my brother Darryl, my brother Dana, the Post Office again, Dad to wish him happy birthday and finally Mom.

There are a billion things I could have done this weekend but this gross violation of privacy took front and center so I had to deal with that.

What I want to know is: Who steals from poor Veterans on meds? Seriously, the check was for meds, I need those. Have you seen me off my meds? It's not pretty. And I tell you what this guy should be scared if I go up there to get my refill and I can't get them. I might jut blow my top.

What I keep hearing from the parties not associated but still concerned is that the Post Office will probably be the ones to catch the guy as opposed to the Police. That does not bode well with me. My parents were both at one time Police Officers. I'm pretty cool with the ones I have to deal with and it looks bad to me that another agency might get all the glory on this.

But what can I do but keep my information organized and give copies to both.

I think I'll go start my next book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Don't forget to check back on Wednesday for Gini Koch's review.