Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Very First Pod Cast!!!!

So an associate of mine on Google+ decided that he was going to take on a full cast for his next podcast. He asked for volunteers and I stuck my neck out.

Lest be honest people. My voice does not belong certain places. You can ask anyone on three ships still in commission about my Time Checks, my First Call to Colors or my Sun Rise, especially my Sun Rise. We all know that I can work my voice on the phone as proven a few time before and after my service. But can Ms. Townes get on a Pod Cast? I don't know.

Before I drop the link on all the unsuspecting I need to say something. Before I ever lend my voice for anything else I will have to figure out the echo situation in my home. Having heard it mixed with others I felt well, I felt like I was going to a really nice ball wearing a sun dress from Ross's. Sad but true.

Another thing You have to check out this guy: Nobilis Reed. He does erotica, he's an avid Google+er and is all around a cool guy to have in a circle. You should check him out. Here's his website, chock full of naughty things, meant to make you uncomfortable in a multitude of ways.

He kindly linked my blog on his site. Yay me!!!

I may just make this guy my mentor whether he likes it or not.
With out further ado, here is what the finished product sounds like. Forgive me for loosing my nerdy little mind at the sound of my own voice: here

Thanks Nobilis for letting me do something new. I can actually hear what you were talking about and hopefully I can get the sound issues fixed really soon. I'm thinking some rods and a few black out curtains might do the trick.

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