Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thursday's Bean Counter: Internet Edition

This edition of the Bean Counter is pact full of stuff from the internet:

Because it's Fucking Bruce Lee bitches!!!

 +100 Seriously, it's Bruce Lee need I say more???

My Profile on OkayCupid is being stalked by some guy in Ireland STILL. This was in last week's inbox : -10

It's only gotten worse since then.   -25

Lost power on Sunday for about seven hours.  -12

Luckily it was during the day time. +5

Unluckily it was during the day time in San Diego in June. -15

Some time around 10AM Wednesday the blog hit over 5000 views. Rock the fuck on. +43

Finally upgraded from Text Edit to Pages and was pleasantly pleased to find out that I have over 41,000 words down in The New God. +50

Spent two hours looking for batteries for the wall clock. Found the batteries then couldn't remember where I put the wall clock when I put it down. FAIL -21

Took Chewy to the Groomers dyed his tale  green this time. Now he color coordinates with my current bed set, his leash and harness, my designer house key, his poopy bags, most of the towels in the bathroom and a bunch of other things. At least he doesn't have an ugly mow-hawk like last time. +/- 0

Realized I was dragging around at least three inches of badly damaged hair. I cut some of it myself and I was okay. +5

Realized that I might have to take the rest of my hair to a salon and have some random person coming at me with a pair of scissors. -12

My sole reason for venturing to Los Angeles in July just canceled. Maxwell I know you're just doing this so I don't throw my panties at you. You ain't sick, get yo fine ass back on stage. I been waiting years to see you again. -30 

The upshot is them $100 tickets will get refunded. +13

Karaoke on Monday was a crap shoot. Super sore throat again and three hours of sleep. I crashed after two songs, even though I signed up for five and one was a duet. -17

My favorite Happy Panda buddy on Facebook was on fire today with a million billion e-cards my favorite today was: 


Then he came back with this:

+26 I'll never think about Oreo Cookies the same ever again.

Mom is still threatening us with her presence and the count down has started.  I don't even know how to begin to score that one....

The California DMV is not as bad as I expected! Even though there's dire warnings not to miss your scheduled appointment, I was seen promptly since I came in there looking like a lost puppy. What did I learn from this? THE DMV MAKES APPOINTMENTS FOR ID'S??????? WINNING +18

Shared my first ever pod cast with everyone I know and care meagerly for. Most of them said that my section sounded like hot steamy shite. They didn't mean it the nice way. So I guess I'll be sound proofing my office if I want to do more.  -12

Decided that I needed a vanity set like three years ago. Finally went looking for one in the millions of billions of thrift stores all over San Diego. Awakened a memory of being dragged all over Boston with my mother doing the same thing, until she found one. Broke down and cried because I'm turning into my her.  -40. 20 for the realization and another 20 for the awful public display.

Since I don't even care what the last tally was I'm starting new. What's the total? 93 Fuck yeah life is pretty good this week.


  1. All that matters is the up-feeling at the end of the day :) I love the birthday cards; and the DMV.

    My advice: take your Kindle to the DMV, you won't care how long you're there for the excuse to get some reading done :)


    1. Sadly I am Kindle-less. I'm not exactly sure how I missed that boat. It's on my list of things to purchase along with that Vanity, and some really good quality curtains for sound proofing. I'm feeling pretty good about this week. Let us hope that it last the weekend. And I definitely wish you the same.


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