Friday, June 8, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award?/ The Bean Counter

Well Well Hey there

I bring you the Bean Counter this week with my usual ups and downs but this week I'm hoping is mostly up.

Last Week's Tally: Whooping 115

Some Jack Ass did got a little too frisky with the mail box around the corner from my home.  He got away with some very important information and managed to commit check fraud using my payment to the VA: -100

Found out who the guy was on Facebook of all places. I compiled a packet regarding him and how I did damage control over my banking and credit information, the police didn't even look at it: -45

Rent is late again, no thanks to RFKAO, so Ms. Townes had to cash in a portion of my retirement fund just to keep me sheltered over the freaking summer: -45

Mom decided that she was coming to visit: -10

The second week of What Am I Reading Wednesdays was so good that people actually looked at the YouTube video: +25

Thanks to Gini Koch (the author of the book I reviewed) and twitter 1,176 people might know who I am Thanks Gini: +35

Even better Gini Koch is such an awesome person that she took time out her day to have a whole conversation with me. (FANGIRL) +15

Chewy has worms again: -10

But I have the treatment for it and I didn't even have to buy any. This chick came prepared: +20

The Celtics are moving on to Game 7 and all the guys that I know back home in Boston are all lamenting the fact that they could have killed the Heat tonight: -12 (honorary because I couldn't care less about Basket Ball)

Started Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and I am surprised about how much I actually like it: +17

I have a date Friday, Saturday and the return of Karaoke on Sunday: +15 because all of a sudden I'm busy???

Chewy and I took a trip to the Polls and voted for the first time in like for EVAH. No more absentee or provisional ballots for this girl: +15

Got nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award  earlier this week by one of the Fellow Flash Fictioneers: +25 I just don't know what to say about that. What a wonderful thing to pass along!!!

Found my next three books for What Am I Reading Wednesdays and frankly I think I might pull out my hair, because now I have to read them: +15

Sadly because sense I haven't been able to write I've stayed up late watching "Big Trouble in Little China" every night for the last three weeks. I didn't realize that until last night: -19 But Kurt Russell plays the best character ever in that silly movie...

Chewy found my Luchador Mask and tore it to shreds. I really liked that mask, now what am I going to wear when I dance to Lady Gaga in my underoos? : -11

Met some guy that appeared to be a very nice person online (why do I even bother?) After a week of messaging on OKayCupid, I give him my phone number only to find out that he can't speak English at all: -30

The Internet manages to always perk me up so the following at all pluses just because:
+10 Because Facebook is the ENEMY

+25 Because I could not have come up with that.

And then my inner geek creamed on herself because in 20 years there will be a Starship Enterprise. Someone figured out how to do that: +30

This Week's Tally: 80 Considering the week I'm having that's not bad.

Stay connected for the Friday Flash Fiction up in a few short hours.

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