Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday- Fifty Shades of Grey

I've been hearing about that book for a few weeks on Facebook. Some of my home girls scattered through out the country, and in some cases the world, have been talking about it. Well Ms. Townes was curious. Even more curious when Haywood mentioned it in her blog.

You can't find Fifty Shades of Grey in Walmart and frankly I'd be shocked to shit if I did. I had to venture on to once again kicking myself got having not purchased a Kindle. I was then  treated to not one book but a trilogy.

Well break my little heart, another stinking series. I'm not hating on the "series" I'm just hating on the fact that once again I got sucked into another book that will make me buy the rest just to finish a story. Suckdom I tell you suckdom, so E. L. what'sherface this better be good.

Speaking of What'sherface- here's the website E L James has a tastefully erotic site with out even looking erotic. It's all about the book I tell you and once you read the book, that website takes on a whole new meaning. But let me tell you about how I could not, NOT, put this book down.

Ms. James seems to have the same verve, spark and magnetism you find in the Harry Potter books. Though there aren't any epic Quidditch matches or Lizard Faced Evil Genius out to kill little boys, but it's got that easy readability you find through out all JK Rowlings books. But we're not talking about a book that grows with you. This is definitely a big GIRL book.

Our two Main Characters here are Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. For the life of me I can't really picture this chick. I just assumed for the first 50 or so pages that this chick was super frump to the extreme. Like wise with Christian though not super frump. More like filthy stinking rich. It takes a good while for me to gradually get an image of what they look like, but who cares, the book is fucking awesome. Though it just now dawns on me after I've put this book in my shelf that Mr. Grey is a Ginger, it all makes sense now. He has no soul.

Grey is a hot mess of self contained rage. He's got some truly deep issues that prevents him from being the man she needs. Yet the poor helpless child falls for him anyway. Ana is literally three people, the active and functioning body, her inner goddess and her self conscious who apparently looks like a librarian. This takes that whole inner monologue to an entirely different level. Since the book is written about her, we spend a lot of time visualizing the goddess and the librarian at odds with each other. I like it.

In the first book alone I see a lot of compromise between the two of them to make the relationship work. I see a lot of growth too and I'm pretty darn anxious to see what happens in the next installment. If it reads anything like book one, I'll be done in two days or less.

Oh and for the people who haven't read or heard about this wonderfully told story, there's smut lots of it and it's done well. That's what makes this story so freaking believable. Ms. James did her research, that or she knows it from first hand experience. (shame shame we know your name) GOOD ON YOU Lady James. Also she manages to make of all places Washington State seem inviting. I'm not saying Washington doesn't have anything to offer, it just doesn't have anything to offer me. I went there once I didn't like it, rained a lot.

I'm going to say that EL James nailed the fuck out of this book over all. Did she manage to draw me in? Yes. Was her website appealing? Yes. Will I read anything else after I finish this trilogy by EL James? Yes. See, fucking nailed it. Now go buy the book dammit!!!

But before you do that watch my Youtube video:

Next week's book will be Amped by Daniel H. Wilson: It looks like some sort of tech fiction that I might not finish but since it only took me two days to read Fifty Shades I guess I might start early. The write up on it was really intriguing. It appears initially to be mostly suspense though, I'm going to with hold my opinion until the end though just in case I find myself loving this book too.

Until next time.

If anyone has a hard copy of a new fiction book out and they want it read and reviewed by yours truly leave me a comment here, Tweet me @AtiyaWTownes, or email me so I can  work it into the schedule. I'm all for helping out another unknown like myself. 

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