Monday, June 4, 2012

Teaser for Wednesday / Call the Cops-and the Post Office

It is my greatest pleasure to say that this Wednesday I am going to review Gini Koch's latest book in the Kitty Katt Series Alien Diplomacy. While this weekend I struggled with a weekend edition on dating and failed miserably, I did finish her book and got to ponder it at leisure.

Then comes Monday and with that the start of my next book for next Wednesday. Trust me anything after Gini Koch better be dam good. Thanks to Madison Woods' facebook page I find this written by Ms. Koch herself, in Science Fiction Daily, about why her science fiction is so freaking awesome. Because it's funny. FACT

She makes a valid point and then sells you on one her other series to the point that I really want to go clear a section of me already cluttered book shelf just for her. Lord help me I might have to get another shelf.

Call the Cops -and the Post Office

Kiddies this weekend while I was home alone the whole weekend (yeah that's bad) some jacktard decided to wash a check of mine and attempt to cash it. Lucky me or unlucky how ever you want to look at it, I'm broke. He re-wrote it for $675 I don't have that in my account. I have like $40. It of course bounced.

I tried to figure out how this happened and came up with mail box tampering. Thanks to my friends and their expert level skill on Google, we found the guy. I have his facebook and myspace page, I know what high school the guy goes to. I've manage to prepare a packet for whom ever decides to actually investigate. But here I should share with you how this made me really feel.

I'm pretty butt hurt about that. Frankly I feel that it's appropriate. I could be wrong though.

So I took the following actions: I called the bank, the Post office my Uncle Jack, the Police, the big three credit bureaus, the police again, the bank again, my brother Darryl, my brother Dana, the Post Office again, Dad to wish him happy birthday and finally Mom.

There are a billion things I could have done this weekend but this gross violation of privacy took front and center so I had to deal with that.

What I want to know is: Who steals from poor Veterans on meds? Seriously, the check was for meds, I need those. Have you seen me off my meds? It's not pretty. And I tell you what this guy should be scared if I go up there to get my refill and I can't get them. I might jut blow my top.

What I keep hearing from the parties not associated but still concerned is that the Post Office will probably be the ones to catch the guy as opposed to the Police. That does not bode well with me. My parents were both at one time Police Officers. I'm pretty cool with the ones I have to deal with and it looks bad to me that another agency might get all the glory on this.

But what can I do but keep my information organized and give copies to both.

I think I'll go start my next book Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Don't forget to check back on Wednesday for Gini Koch's review.

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