Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday: Amped by Daniel H. Wilson

This week I'm super excited to bring you Amped by Daniel Wilson. Danny is what I'd call a certified Geek. Hell yeah, me and Chewy love certified geeks. The book cover says this guy has a Ph. D. in robotics. So if all else fails (which it won't because the guy is flipping brilliant) he could always work at  Myth Busters. That's not a bad idea.

Amped first off is not something I'd pick off the the shelf I'm not even sure how I found it on Amazon.  No one recommended it to me either. The lucky thing sort of fell into my shopping cart. Weird.

Anywhoo, the book as I mentioned on Facebook, begins with the suicide of a teenage girl. Not the kind you'd think either. She wasn't saddened over the next installment of Twilight. (Though the though of Twilight makes me want to shoot myself or hurl) She saw the future of what as to come and decided to check out early.

What is amazing about this story is that Daniel uses fear and ignorance to motivate both the pro and antagonist in this story. Fear works the best when coupled with ignorance and that fear if cultivated, can make the mob do amazing things. Oh yeah there's a mob and there's politics to at it's filthiest.

In this alternate universe or possible future depending on how you look at it, people with disabilities can be cured with a piece of technology inserted into their brains. That's a great innovation until everyone with this implant becomes such a better human. Of course the pure humans get mad. Their livelihood becomes threatened when these super humans start actually being super.

Enter a place where the hate is commonplace, accepted and even encouraged. The book is history repeating itself when these advanced humans are forced into camps with no laws protecting them against the angry masses that surround them. Enter unlikely savior, Owen.

Owen 's lived most his life with an implant he thought he knew everything about. He'd spent that life trying desperately ignoring the problems being an amp dealt with in hope of just being normal. All that goes way of the dinosaur in the this book and he's forced to embrace his abilities then choose how he's going to use them.

I found myself hoping he won the entire time. I won't ruin the ending on this one. Let's hope I haven't done that so far with any book. On my Vlog I gave it two thumbs up. Unless we come up with a better rating system that's the best I got.

Want to see the video?

 Hey don't forget to check back  tomorrow for the Bean Counter and then Friday for The Flash Fictioneers.

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