Friday, July 27, 2012

Mediocre Creativity: Art Not Writing

My friend said that I should make something when I can't write. To constantly create something even though the usual outlet isn't working for you. I immediately thought of cookies. But he was like I'm already a good cook. Isn't he special. I should try painting, he says.

I blanched at the idea. In my mind I am and EPIC story teller and you all should never take me for less. Then I was once again visiting Satan at Walmart about a month ago and saw some water colors.

So I got some supplies and left it on my table thinking that I won't have time to paint anything until the winter break. Well knock me down with a feather. I have loads of time in fact and since I've been so depressed lately I've been doing more painting than writing. Do I know what I'm doing? Of course not, I haven't had any formal art training in my life. My brother Darryl is the artsy fartsy guy.

Not writing isn't the issue I've been there before. When ever the real world intrudes I'm stuck, waiting for inspiration or motivation to do anything remotely productive. I wonder if me getting back on my drugs will help. Lets be real kiddies I spend more time off my drugs than on them. But Painting is pretty soothing.

Here are my two favorites so far.

What I'm finding out is that if I want anything to come out remotely like what I've seen in my head I have to take my time. So here we are with another thing that needs nurturing. I'll never sell any of these. I have friends that are real artist  and frankly they are too awesome to compete against. So I'll be decorating my home with these awful things or probably making a book out of them. A nice book for the coffee table where the no one is forced to stare at it unless they open the darn thing.

Well since school is a wash again this semester, thanks to my non residency status and my college placement exams not being addressed I have the time to handle that. I can also take care of my Disability application and my application to upgrade from a General to an Honorable discharge. These are things I would have had to ignore. Of course these are things I should have already done yet I'm always dealing with something else.

In the mean time enjoy the "art work".

What Am I Reading Wednesday (On Friday): Fifty Shades Darker by EL James

I wanted to get a jump on Fifty Shades before the summer was out so I’ve got book two ready to go.
Anastasia and Christian are back with Fifty Shades Darker. Last time we left off Ana broke up with Christian because he was too much of a soulless ginger. I’m kidding really I am. But she did leave him. You can believe though, like any unhealthy relationship, she took him back.
I have to say that Ms. James did a great job on the heart break. Shit, I felt just as miserable as Ana for about five minutes. You know the amount of time it took for me to realized there was still sooo much book left.
So she took him back. He demands she move in with him and things don’t go all happily ever after. We’ve got Mrs. Robinson, a deranged ex-sub, a serial sexual harasser, and of course the Goddess and the Librarian.
I was not as impressed with the inner goddess as much as I was in the first book. She comes off as a horny teen, sort of campy and predictable. The Librarian thought comes off a little stronger in the book. It must be a trade off.  I’m guessing is Anastasia’s evolution or some such. I’m excited to say that I’ve already gotten the last book in the Trilogy, so end of her growth will be highly anticipated.
Christian, my word, you evil Ginger you! He also undergoes some changes here. He learns the word compromise. Not much because let’s admit it it’s Christian. Millions of women around the world would not be reading this book if Christian all of a sudden did a 180 and become Mr. Sensitivity. (Queue Ralph Tresvant {I’m gentleman at heart}) He’s still domineering but somehow it got into his unusually thick sex muddled skull that if he wants to keep Ana he needs to give a little slack on her leash. Leash Get It *wink.
I’m going to give a little spoiler only because I’m like the last person to read the Fifty Shades series. Christian has got to be the most manipulative man in the world or he really needs that shrink they keep mentioning. Holy Cow, does he ever pull a stunt. So somewhere around 3/4 to the end, Ana once again is asking for space Christian just can’t give. Instead of getting mad and having hot sex in the elevator, he panics and takes a submissive position on his knees. Well Fuck Me Gently With A Chain Saw. I did not see that coming at all.
Had I been in Ana’s place I honestly don’t know what I’d do. Ms. Townes held her breath while reading this part. Well done, and I applaud you Ms. James for that brilliant piece of  role reversal and for your character because he told you to write that. Bravo. Bonus points for giving me yet another reason why I’ll never date a red head. Christian is King Unflushable
Because this story so far has been all about the relationship between Christian and Ana I found it very interesting to weave in a few more stories outside of the relationship. Ana’s boss the lecherous pig lives up to all the names Christian called him. Mia, Christian’s sister seems to have wound her way into the story as well. We also get a little more depth out of Mrs. Robinson. What a thing of work she is! I like it. I like that life around the two main characters has expanded and grown so that the story, still over the top, becomes a little rounded.  
I can say that this second book will get two thumbs up. I can’t say there will be a vlog this week though because Ms. Townes is truly sick again and has the worst voice in the world and a horrible break out of acne. I can deal with bad hair but acne and no voice. I don’t think so.
Next week I’ve got another one  of my favorite authors coming up. Dakota Cassidy with Accidentally Dead Again. You guessed it more vampires. This time the hottie is in sequence.

Friday Flash Fiction: Tap Water is Good

I'm not that big of a girly girl to drink from the tap. So when I saw this week's picture I had to poke fun. 

Dave and his dog visibly relaxed as they walked up to the faucet near the public pool. Turtle Pond was not pleasant during Indian Summer.
“Gross faucet water.” Charlotte and her dog “Muffin” scoffed at the old tap.
“Do you see any stores around here with sparkly shit for Magic Muff there?”  Bliss, it was still running, he and the dog drank greedily.
“I’m just saying bottled water is better for you.” She up-ended her empty container mournfully. 
Dave snatched the bottle from her. Filing it, he threw it back.
“You want bottled water, there, you got bottled water.”

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How your room looks like your life

I watched my first complete episode of Doctor Who today. Frankly I'm only glad I now know what the fuck TARDIS is. I can't see what all the fuss is about. Surely this can't be it.

So what brought me to this moment in wee hour musing, my room. Well My life I should say. I am not a happy camper. I'm in that helpless funk I always seem to find myself in. Once again I'm wanting to throw in the towel and I don't know if that is the right decision. So what did I do? Well I sat down to multiple episodes of Mad Men and then One episode of Doctor Who. Escape much? That would be me.

I'd like to be a person of action. I'd like to say that I can fix this. I love to say that I will think my way out of this latest predicament, but I can't. You know what "Can't" is? Can't is the action word for Doubt.

Roll with this: I heard a story sometime this year, from a movie, a television show, a news article, a blog or a book I read about the Devil's greatest weapon. I'm not particularly religious but once in a while I hear something that makes sense.  If I remember correctly a man wanted a fail proof weapon against his enemy. Just when the man began searching for a means to destroy his nemesis another man approached him.

This new man seemed all knowing and powerful so the guy puts his problem to his ear. The worldly man displays an arsenal of things meant to wring the utmost satisfaction out of besting rival large or small. He offered them for sale. The man clapped with glee but was still not convince that what he wanted was there.

The worldly man slowly began to put away his weapons. The "buyer" noticed that there was one item he was never shown. So he asked about it. The strange worldly man told him, that this particular weapon was too powerful. It was so damaging that only a few people were strong enough to wield it. The price of it not much but the true sacrifice came after it's been used. Even the person using this weapon could fall prey to it.

The man thought about the pleasure he'd get from seeing his rival fall. If the price was low, he could make such a sacrifice. But what kind of sacrifice? What would he have to do? How long would he have to pay for something he'd already bought? Was this unknown sacrifice worth the trouble?

The Worldly man put the item in his jacket pocket. He patted it over his chest before continuing to pack up his things. With a smile he thanked the man for his time and apologized sincerely for not making a sale. The man watch the stranger walk away.

He never vanquished his enemy. After the visit with the strange man he wondered if he was ever strong enough to do it. He feared the consequences of taking him out. As his business fell into decline and he faced ruin he often thought about the man and what he carried in his breast pocket. He asked around the town if anyone else met the man. They never saw him, after a while people thought he was crazy. Soon after he lost everything he began to believe it himself. He never lived up to his full potential.

The strange man in this story was an agent of the Devil and of course I roll my eyes at giving the man a name or a title. But there is meaning there. Doubt cost nothing. It's a tiny seed that need very little attention and grows all by itself in the minds of everyone.

Doubt causes fear, hesitation, reluctance, a lack of faith in yourself, in others, in God or your higher power, jealousy, envy. Doubt can make a strong man falter. It can make, a happy woman angry. Doubt can take away security. Doubt can hold a person trapped in a job they don't want.

Doubt makes you, me, especially me, stop reaching for that next step. And I admit I am crippled by it. I feel  doubt all the time. I feel it now and instead of sleeping right now I'm awake doubting what will happen later today. Doubt has me wondering why finish the book, will I be able to attend school this fall, will I ever meet someone who finds me worthy, will I be homeless, doubt cripples me everyday.

I look around my messy room and wonder how this happened? Simple I stopped believing I could do anything. I stopped functioning as I was intended. I'm weak and incompetent. Doubt is the greatest weapon ever invented. When I see the papers strew across the floor I don't see that they are in an organized pile by subject. I see a mess that looks like it will take ages to sort through. Even if they are already sorted I feel overwhelmed at the thought of putting it away.

I wonder how to combat this thing called doubt. I wish I had he answer. I'm happy that I managed to come to grips with the fact that it's just a room. The mess isn't that bad and the papers are organized. The stuff on the floor isn't junk, it's dog toys for Chewy and picking an outfit is something I take a little pleassure in, even after I've tried on everything in my closet.

I will because it's five am, lay my head down and try to organize what I can take care of quickly. then I'll worry about the other stuff when it stops being other stuff. It's not healthy to have the kind of doubt I have. My world will not come crashing down around me. I'll just treat my life like my room and clean.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fictioneers: Under the Vines

This week I got a full three days to think over what to write and I was damn stuck! When am I ever not stuck? Well I'll tell you it's not "A Walk In The Clouds" with Keanu Reeves but boy do I wish it was...

Under the Vines:

“He’s out there after every thunderstorm.”
“After thunderstorms? The ground is still wet?” Keri was shocked. Kids did not sleep under grape vines.
“I think he likes the smell.” Mercer blanched at Keri’s stare. “We cleared away most of the crap under there and laid out a blanket.”
“But he’s in the vine, Mercer! What does Edward think he’s doing under there?”
“I’m listening.” The little boy in question entered the kitchen, covered in leaves. “To things you will never understand.” The boy’s eyes blazed a faint purple haze. “Things you will never see.” 
“You’d best leave.” Said Mercer. ”Now.”

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Bean Counter: So Random It Kind Of Gives Me A Head Ache

Well Thursday is fast approaching and I of course must do a break down. The randomness of these past ten days or so astound even me. So I'm just going to start with zero. Beware there are links all over this one.

When Otters Attack. Yahoo is on fire  with craziness. A triathlon-er  was, well training for a triathlon, when a deranged otter bit her 25 times. I'm not sure what's worse being bit by an otter or the comments from some of the people who shared their two cents. +15

Manage to witness some crack pot on Google + claim rather passionately that he not only is a vampire but was turned against his will. Well that seemed fresh out of a Dakota Cassidy novel... +10

Stuck on Chapter 9 after spending exactly 8 days on Chapter 8. -12

Mom arrived today and already my life is upside down. -8

Was denied financial aide this week due to my non residency status. I've lived in California since January but they only deal with people who've lived in the state for over a year. -25

The up side is I can appeal. +10

Went to Karaoke Sunday night. Some random drunk moron calls me Titties to my face when I came from the restroom. I asked him if he wanted to die that night. He went away after shortly after that. +19 (hey it was funny and awkward)

A witness to my desire to end people, blogged about this either Monday or Tuesday night. So I'm freaking famous. +10

In a very surprising turn of events I found both EL James' Fifty Shades Freed and Kresley Cole's Lothaire at Freaking Walmart of all places. +16

Speaking of Walmart since I was in the center of mediocrity, I broke down and purchased a fan for my apartment. Well it is for the dog but I'm the one in front of it. +5

The Photo Prompt is out and I actually saw it early enough to think of something to write. +6

I can't think of anything yet. -11

Got pegged to work at a new magazine launching in August. +5 

My gut feeling says it might not make it. -12

My mentor from my last ship managed to get time off the ship to come to San Diego. He gave me a thumbs up on how things are going. Of course like all mentors he said I had room for improvement but at at least I'm heading in a semi good direction. +23

Ate some fairly good Indian cuisine at this place called India Palace. Had something fishy that was beyond nom noms. I think I might have even mouthgasmed on the Samosa. +14

And because I just can't ignore the news Zimmerman told Sean Hannity that it was "Part of God's Plan" to kill an unarmed teenage boy. You have got to be kidding me... -17

OKCupid Bot
Let's not forget dating on Ok Cupid: 
Guy: Hey want to have some fun? I've never been with a Black Chick before.
Me: There's a pet store on University that sells chicks in all colors. Hook yourself up.
Guy: Screw you. Slut.
Me: Your Mom must be so proud. -15

Then Huffington Post put out this awesomely funny article about a guy so well endowed that TSA frisked him because they thought it was a pistol. And the kicker is this guys does not do porn. +5 

If he did would I watch it? I think most likely no. Somethings aren't meant to be seen by this woman. +/-0

And Last but not least it's Pride week in San Diego. I've a bunch of friends that will be attending. Which means so will I and Mommy Dearest is coming to the parade! How cool is that??? +28

And the total of all random in this crazy few days: 66 Meh...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday- Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

I have to admit folks I truly forgot to post until I was on Facebook commenting on someone else's blog.

Sad, children, very sad.

So this week I came back with another romance novel. I love them so. It has vampires so there's that blood fetish that seems to be all the crazy lately. Frankly I'm not complaining. There is always something terribly naughty about drinking someone's blood.

Not that I want to subject myself to the worlds greatest hickey, I just like reading about it.

Okay then:
Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost
So we've got Leila a circus performer who can electrocute people with the touch of her hand. What that really means is a life time of lonely nights on cold sheets and not even a dog to keep her company. Luckily she works with carney folk and strange is normal.

The book gets pretty interesting when she's accosted by three vampires. Normally most girls would pass out of they were kidnapped by vampires but this tough cookie works with one a little one named Frank. I mean he's really a wee little man. The other vampires need her some for dastardly deed and will not take no for an answer.

She complies and telepathically (for lack of a better word) meets Vlad, who is all about protecting her after she gave him the skinny.

For the rest of the book we watch the two of them grow in their attraction for each other. Those lonely nights we picture are gone for good because Vlad Tepesh here likes being shocked all the time. Vlad I knew you were a kinky bastard...

What's really cool about this book is the fact that Ms. Frost went through a lot of trouble creating a place  somewhere in Romania that has to be the most beautiful area in Eastern Europe. She makes it sound like a winter wonderland. I love how she describes the town below Vlad's castle and the touristy spots that surround the Dracula legend. Seriously that was a very special touch.

I also love that Vlad is a cross between old and new school where he has expectations of the people around him and has to adapt his way of thinking for Leila.  She really test him a couple of times in the book, and that they manage to compromise on some serious decisions is freaking priceless. It's very humorous to read how he reacts to Leila's independent spirit. The guy sets things on fire when he's angry. It's not over played here.

Frankly this book should not fall into the Trashy Mass Produced Romance Novel category, but it does and my wallet is not complaining about that. Once Burned gets two thumbs, seriously because it's got romance, danger, gory death and a strange family reunion that make sense. Can we say over the top in a pleasant happy ending sort of way. YES

You can watch the vlog if you like:
 If you'll excuse me and my seriously bad hair day we can wrap this up.

Next week is the second installment of Fifty Shades by EL James with Fifty Shades Darker. Oh La La

So Tomorrow is Wednesday

I realize that sometime later tonight I need to be posting the blog and vlog. Well let be honest kids that's going to happen unless there's another animal on the roof. What I haven't done for this week's Author was give them a heads up. Oops, my bad. I hit her up a few minutes ago on her blog. I hope she see it in time. I can always Tweet her.

What I have not done lately was post the photo prompt for you guys in case you want to join in on the Blog Hop each week. I felt bad about this morning when I woke up. So I checked to see if it was up yet and it wasn't. Maybe later.

I also haven't really done my Bean Counter.  Well I'm seriously thinking I should Change the day I do the Bean Counter because Thursday is such an odd day to comment about a week. Trust me I have a Bean Counter for the time since the last Bean Counter I think that one was last Saturday???

So here are the days that there isn't something scheduled Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. I'd like to get three or more a week here.  I've been hitting that but I've really only been doing what I already have scheduled. I feel like the blog is going stale.

Is it me that going stale? Gawd I hope not. I might have to do something drastic like go on a diet or worse, find some half wit and date him seriously. Eghads! Let's not let it come to that.

But regardless this is tomorrow's book:
Trashy Mass Produced Romance With Vampires

My libido just mouthgasmed - I'm addicted to this shite and even the shame of it feels good.

Until later. Oh by the way, Chapter 8 is up on my website let me leave you the link:

Notice, I left that whole darn thing up there this time. I want you to remember that, that's why. I think I have a waiting entry about that coming up that I have to finish for now just enjoy what's there.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Fictioneers- For Power

At about 8:22 This morning I actually looked at the Photo Prompt. It's 8:54 and this is what I came up with in a little amount of time. I apologize of this isn't what I normally offer.

Side Note: If anyone has ever watched Adventures of Milo and Otis, this picture will remind you of the Dreaded Dead Wood Bird, Otis met the day after Milo floated away. So what? I like that movie. NO I LOVE THAT MOVIE... Sorry about that. 

Side Note Two: I really looked at this briefly and copied it from the Facebook Page. It looked like a really big crow. Upon further investigation on Ms. Woods Page, I found the original file and it's a Buzzard. Man, somedays rush jobs are just not the thing.

Another Side Note: Crows are omens of good and evil. They carry with them a lot of cunning, intelligence and power no matter size. Without further ado...

For Power

“Crow, in the trees.” Michael said.
“Where?” Michelle, his twin sister followed. It’s been years since they went camping together.
The crow perched on a dead tree far from the trail.
Michelle eyed the bird in the skeleton tree. Beneath it’s feet lay a smaller crow. It’s chest cavity open and bloody. The larger crow in the tree squawked triumphantly.
“Is that a Jackdaw?” She asked.
“Yes.” Michael wrestled his little sister by four minutes to the ground. She watched him with horrified dying eyes as he ripped her body open and ate. 
“For power.” She heard, then nothing. 

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday- The Gunfighter &The Gear Head by Cassandra Duffy

Right, so hhmmm. What do I say about this book? First off I liked most of it. As rich as this story was, in certain spots there were some serious holes. But let me set up the story first.

This is some time I’m assuming in the future, set in the mid south west in of all places Tombstone. Tombstone being the place where all good and bad gunslingers of the old wild west go to drink themselves stupid or get shot to death. 
We have Fiona a red head with no remorse, a former Victoria’s Secret Model cum hand cannon bad ass. Scratching a living hunting remnants of an alien invasion called the Slark. The currency in Tombstone is strangely enough thier heads.
Then we have Gieo, who is a dirigible pilot that crash lands outside Tombstone, right at the beginning of some kind of political (for lack of a better word) uprising. 
These two, depite the crazy odds, happen to be very attracted to each other and managed some semblance of a relationship. Gieo plays the submissive, even goes as far as donning a collar in public to for bother her’s and Fiona’s benefit. Okay so we have two factions already right? Right. The Slark who   had superior technology and now just have too many extremities. Then there are the folks that run Tombstone which is headed up by this Slark hating man named Zeke.
I would have been okay with Zeke and the Slark ducking it out till the end of the book I think that would have been enough here. But there’s blind Methanol drinkers who have some kind of cult that’s waiting for The Rapture. There’s also this three headed syndicate called the Raven Ladies. They are kind of the leading authority since there really is no dominating government anymore. It’s run by three queens on a chess board two of which had a very bad relationship with Fiona.
I wasn’t feeling that Cult at all. What I was feeling was the Slark. They aren’t that bright. They attack constantly even thought they clearly have the sucky hand in this card game. Every time they attack they end up retreating. Freaking weird. I wish there was more on this though. It would have totally made up for the blind cultist. What I wanted to know was why the came in the first place.
Man there is so much packed into this book that I had to back track several times just to make sure I had some things straight. I’d still recommend this book though just for the fact that it was highly entertaining for most of it.
I like that Gieo actually has to kill someone close to the end and it changes her a little but with guidance was able to bounce back from it. These tender points actually make the book.
I give this 1 3/4 thumbs up too much cultist and not enough Slark. Would I read the second Raven Ladies book? Most likely. Cheers Ms. Duffy great read.

Want to see my vlog about this?

I had to look up some stuff before I read this so I might as well share.

Also if you like Cassandra Duffy here is her blog. It's called Erotic Answers, she does advice

Steam Punk-in it out 

Next Week: More Trashy Mass Produced Romance With Vampires. I love me some Vampires.  Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bean Counter: Fourth of July Edition

To fully express how this week went I decided to move this week's Bean Counter further out. Welcome to Saturday.

Went To an Independence Day Party. +10

Had no idea who the host of the party was. -5

Drank too much Margarita. -5

Froze my ass off on an unfinished deck to watch the Fireworks.-10

Three shows that were supposed to be synchronized all simultaneously malfunctioned. +19

It was pretty as heck though. +21

Found out my FASFA app was denied due to my transcripts not being submitted. I swore I took care of that. -50

Took a death test on Ok Cupid. See the following:
 +50 at least it gives me time....

Ran out of clean laundry and seriously I'm wearing my bathing suit under my clothes. -12

Found out that my super expensive flea and tick medicine for Chewy isn't really that expensive. +25 Winning!!!!

Realized my poor SweetyPie Chewy has been suffering needlessly for months because I'm a bad mom. -29 Not winning

Entertained the idea of getting a student loan to cover the first three months of school until the GI Bill kicks in. -/+ If it must be done it must be done

Mom will be here in 11 days and the house is no where near clean enough. -100

Met an editor on OKCupid. I pissed him off royally, then found out that he loves Sci-Fi. Am I insane???? -1

Finally got ahead of my phone bill. +39

Decided to dump the wine. Then I drank it. What is wrong with me? Must be that insane thing again. -4

Saw a roach crawl across my television. I hate roaches, but you know what kills roaches, BLEACH and you can bet I sprayed the hell out of it. -10 for the roach +20 for having bleach on hand to kill it.

Finally saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter +15

Hated it so much I want to vlog it. -10

This week= -37 wow that sucks ass.

Last week 93

So what's my status? 56, Meh it could be worse.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Fictioneers: Hide Out

This week's Photo Prompt comes from Amanda Gray. Very Nice! What's funny is that I totally procrastinated on this picture. I had an idea for something more ominous and sinister. It was gearing up to be something scary. Then after I wasted the entire morning doing nothing. 

I realized that I need to actually put it down. And when I did, something else came out completely.

Hide Out

“We’re the only building out here for miles of course they’ll find us."
“They don’t know this place like we do. They don’t know about the caves."
“Yeah great, if we could get to the caves from this place. We’re wide open, you ass."
Turner grabbed Wilson by the ear. Outside the desolate shelter, Turner kicked over a wood pile revealing a dark tunnel dug deep in the ground. He glared at Wilson until the other man blinked
“Cave.” Wilson said.
“Cave. I dug it two years ago. When these things arrived.”
“That’s back when...”
“When they killed my wife.”

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday: Under A Vampire Moon by Lynsay Sands

Welcome back to the Trashy Mass Produced Romance Novel. Yeah I just said that in a book review. Remember kids I love shit like this. It's junk food for your brain. One of my favorite books of last year was The Deed by the same author. It cracked me up, so this one should be good. Right?

Then I found myself confused. The title says Vampire, but some where near the end our hero Christian say's he's an Immortal. Then he likens himself to a creature from Atlantis. Put your breaks on guys. What's going on? Why give it a vampire title if they are not vampires?

Here's a little more information about this book Under A Vampire Moon I have to say Lynsay Sands' web page is pretty nicely done up. Very user friendly, who ever put that together was great about it.

Beside that, we have a wonderfully detailed picture of what kind of woman out main character is. Carolyn is one of those sad women starved for affection that we all try not to be. She, of course, fell for the first man who gave her the time of day and sadly he was the wrong type of man. Finally she decided to leave him and they are going through a lengthy divorce because she's of course filthy stinking rich.

Put that injured heart on a tropical honeymoon paradise, pretty much by herself. Depressing no? Of course it is. Lucky for her she meets some nice people who are determined to hook her up with one of their own. Through good story telling Lynsay brings in Christian.

Christian is a hottie that plays of all things a rock violin? Just roll with it- this works, I think.... Anyway Carolyn spends a good portion of the book fighting the attraction because she believes she's older than him. HA! He's like 500. Funny part is when he tells her how old he really is and she damn near passes out. I giggled- What? It was funny.

There's even a random guy who is like really interested in Carolyn, but he can't hold a candle to Christian. I'll take the other guy, he was like perfect. What a lucky girl. *Sigh I wish my life was like that. Who's jealous? That's me, I'll admit it.

So I give this book One Thumb. Because the title really irks me. It does and I say so in the Vlog. But over all I still recommend this book just because it serves it purpose as a quick read over a beach fun filled weekend. That and Lynsay made a violin sexy.

You wanna see the video?

Goodness my face looks so confused...

A Few Things:

-Happy Independence Day!!!!
-If you have a suggestion for a book you'd like me to read email me at or you can leave a comment here or on YouTube.
-Next week we do Lesbian Steam Punk! Though I'm really not sure if this falls under Steam Punk because there's other kinds of technology in use here, and aliens and a former Victoria's Secret model. What ever. Check out Cassandra Duffy's The Gunslinger & The Gear Head.

Happy Reading