Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So Tomorrow is Wednesday

I realize that sometime later tonight I need to be posting the blog and vlog. Well let be honest kids that's going to happen unless there's another animal on the roof. What I haven't done for this week's Author was give them a heads up. Oops, my bad. I hit her up a few minutes ago on her blog. I hope she see it in time. I can always Tweet her.

What I have not done lately was post the photo prompt for you guys in case you want to join in on the Blog Hop each week. I felt bad about this morning when I woke up. So I checked to see if it was up yet and it wasn't. Maybe later.

I also haven't really done my Bean Counter.  Well I'm seriously thinking I should Change the day I do the Bean Counter because Thursday is such an odd day to comment about a week. Trust me I have a Bean Counter for the time since the last Bean Counter I think that one was last Saturday???

So here are the days that there isn't something scheduled Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. I'd like to get three or more a week here.  I've been hitting that but I've really only been doing what I already have scheduled. I feel like the blog is going stale.

Is it me that going stale? Gawd I hope not. I might have to do something drastic like go on a diet or worse, find some half wit and date him seriously. Eghads! Let's not let it come to that.

But regardless this is tomorrow's book:
Trashy Mass Produced Romance With Vampires

My libido just mouthgasmed - I'm addicted to this shite and even the shame of it feels good.

Until later. Oh by the way, Chapter 8 is up on my website let me leave you the link: https://sites.google.com/site/readthisbytiatownes/home/the-new-god/the-new-god-ch-8-the-magic-killer

Notice, I left that whole darn thing up there this time. I want you to remember that, that's why. I think I have a waiting entry about that coming up that I have to finish for now just enjoy what's there.

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