Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bean Counter: Fourth of July Edition

To fully express how this week went I decided to move this week's Bean Counter further out. Welcome to Saturday.

Went To an Independence Day Party. +10

Had no idea who the host of the party was. -5

Drank too much Margarita. -5

Froze my ass off on an unfinished deck to watch the Fireworks.-10

Three shows that were supposed to be synchronized all simultaneously malfunctioned. +19

It was pretty as heck though. +21

Found out my FASFA app was denied due to my transcripts not being submitted. I swore I took care of that. -50

Took a death test on Ok Cupid. See the following:
 +50 at least it gives me time....

Ran out of clean laundry and seriously I'm wearing my bathing suit under my clothes. -12

Found out that my super expensive flea and tick medicine for Chewy isn't really that expensive. +25 Winning!!!!

Realized my poor SweetyPie Chewy has been suffering needlessly for months because I'm a bad mom. -29 Not winning

Entertained the idea of getting a student loan to cover the first three months of school until the GI Bill kicks in. -/+ If it must be done it must be done

Mom will be here in 11 days and the house is no where near clean enough. -100

Met an editor on OKCupid. I pissed him off royally, then found out that he loves Sci-Fi. Am I insane???? -1

Finally got ahead of my phone bill. +39

Decided to dump the wine. Then I drank it. What is wrong with me? Must be that insane thing again. -4

Saw a roach crawl across my television. I hate roaches, but you know what kills roaches, BLEACH and you can bet I sprayed the hell out of it. -10 for the roach +20 for having bleach on hand to kill it.

Finally saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter +15

Hated it so much I want to vlog it. -10

This week= -37 wow that sucks ass.

Last week 93

So what's my status? 56, Meh it could be worse.

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