Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday: Under A Vampire Moon by Lynsay Sands

Welcome back to the Trashy Mass Produced Romance Novel. Yeah I just said that in a book review. Remember kids I love shit like this. It's junk food for your brain. One of my favorite books of last year was The Deed by the same author. It cracked me up, so this one should be good. Right?

Then I found myself confused. The title says Vampire, but some where near the end our hero Christian say's he's an Immortal. Then he likens himself to a creature from Atlantis. Put your breaks on guys. What's going on? Why give it a vampire title if they are not vampires?

Here's a little more information about this book Under A Vampire Moon I have to say Lynsay Sands' web page is pretty nicely done up. Very user friendly, who ever put that together was great about it.

Beside that, we have a wonderfully detailed picture of what kind of woman out main character is. Carolyn is one of those sad women starved for affection that we all try not to be. She, of course, fell for the first man who gave her the time of day and sadly he was the wrong type of man. Finally she decided to leave him and they are going through a lengthy divorce because she's of course filthy stinking rich.

Put that injured heart on a tropical honeymoon paradise, pretty much by herself. Depressing no? Of course it is. Lucky for her she meets some nice people who are determined to hook her up with one of their own. Through good story telling Lynsay brings in Christian.

Christian is a hottie that plays of all things a rock violin? Just roll with it- this works, I think.... Anyway Carolyn spends a good portion of the book fighting the attraction because she believes she's older than him. HA! He's like 500. Funny part is when he tells her how old he really is and she damn near passes out. I giggled- What? It was funny.

There's even a random guy who is like really interested in Carolyn, but he can't hold a candle to Christian. I'll take the other guy, he was like perfect. What a lucky girl. *Sigh I wish my life was like that. Who's jealous? That's me, I'll admit it.

So I give this book One Thumb. Because the title really irks me. It does and I say so in the Vlog. But over all I still recommend this book just because it serves it purpose as a quick read over a beach fun filled weekend. That and Lynsay made a violin sexy.

You wanna see the video?

Goodness my face looks so confused...

A Few Things:

-Happy Independence Day!!!!
-If you have a suggestion for a book you'd like me to read email me at atiya.townes@gmail.com or you can leave a comment here or on YouTube.
-Next week we do Lesbian Steam Punk! Though I'm really not sure if this falls under Steam Punk because there's other kinds of technology in use here, and aliens and a former Victoria's Secret model. What ever. Check out Cassandra Duffy's The Gunslinger & The Gear Head.

Happy Reading

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