Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday- The Gunfighter &The Gear Head by Cassandra Duffy

Right, so hhmmm. What do I say about this book? First off I liked most of it. As rich as this story was, in certain spots there were some serious holes. But let me set up the story first.

This is some time I’m assuming in the future, set in the mid south west in of all places Tombstone. Tombstone being the place where all good and bad gunslingers of the old wild west go to drink themselves stupid or get shot to death. 
We have Fiona a red head with no remorse, a former Victoria’s Secret Model cum hand cannon bad ass. Scratching a living hunting remnants of an alien invasion called the Slark. The currency in Tombstone is strangely enough thier heads.
Then we have Gieo, who is a dirigible pilot that crash lands outside Tombstone, right at the beginning of some kind of political (for lack of a better word) uprising. 
These two, depite the crazy odds, happen to be very attracted to each other and managed some semblance of a relationship. Gieo plays the submissive, even goes as far as donning a collar in public to for bother her’s and Fiona’s benefit. Okay so we have two factions already right? Right. The Slark who   had superior technology and now just have too many extremities. Then there are the folks that run Tombstone which is headed up by this Slark hating man named Zeke.
I would have been okay with Zeke and the Slark ducking it out till the end of the book I think that would have been enough here. But there’s blind Methanol drinkers who have some kind of cult that’s waiting for The Rapture. There’s also this three headed syndicate called the Raven Ladies. They are kind of the leading authority since there really is no dominating government anymore. It’s run by three queens on a chess board two of which had a very bad relationship with Fiona.
I wasn’t feeling that Cult at all. What I was feeling was the Slark. They aren’t that bright. They attack constantly even thought they clearly have the sucky hand in this card game. Every time they attack they end up retreating. Freaking weird. I wish there was more on this though. It would have totally made up for the blind cultist. What I wanted to know was why the came in the first place.
Man there is so much packed into this book that I had to back track several times just to make sure I had some things straight. I’d still recommend this book though just for the fact that it was highly entertaining for most of it.
I like that Gieo actually has to kill someone close to the end and it changes her a little but with guidance was able to bounce back from it. These tender points actually make the book.
I give this 1 3/4 thumbs up too much cultist and not enough Slark. Would I read the second Raven Ladies book? Most likely. Cheers Ms. Duffy great read.

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