Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Am I Reading Wednesday- Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost

I have to admit folks I truly forgot to post until I was on Facebook commenting on someone else's blog.

Sad, children, very sad.

So this week I came back with another romance novel. I love them so. It has vampires so there's that blood fetish that seems to be all the crazy lately. Frankly I'm not complaining. There is always something terribly naughty about drinking someone's blood.

Not that I want to subject myself to the worlds greatest hickey, I just like reading about it.

Okay then:
Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost
So we've got Leila a circus performer who can electrocute people with the touch of her hand. What that really means is a life time of lonely nights on cold sheets and not even a dog to keep her company. Luckily she works with carney folk and strange is normal.

The book gets pretty interesting when she's accosted by three vampires. Normally most girls would pass out of they were kidnapped by vampires but this tough cookie works with one a little one named Frank. I mean he's really a wee little man. The other vampires need her some for dastardly deed and will not take no for an answer.

She complies and telepathically (for lack of a better word) meets Vlad, who is all about protecting her after she gave him the skinny.

For the rest of the book we watch the two of them grow in their attraction for each other. Those lonely nights we picture are gone for good because Vlad Tepesh here likes being shocked all the time. Vlad I knew you were a kinky bastard...

What's really cool about this book is the fact that Ms. Frost went through a lot of trouble creating a place  somewhere in Romania that has to be the most beautiful area in Eastern Europe. She makes it sound like a winter wonderland. I love how she describes the town below Vlad's castle and the touristy spots that surround the Dracula legend. Seriously that was a very special touch.

I also love that Vlad is a cross between old and new school where he has expectations of the people around him and has to adapt his way of thinking for Leila.  She really test him a couple of times in the book, and that they manage to compromise on some serious decisions is freaking priceless. It's very humorous to read how he reacts to Leila's independent spirit. The guy sets things on fire when he's angry. It's not over played here.

Frankly this book should not fall into the Trashy Mass Produced Romance Novel category, but it does and my wallet is not complaining about that. Once Burned gets two thumbs, seriously because it's got romance, danger, gory death and a strange family reunion that make sense. Can we say over the top in a pleasant happy ending sort of way. YES

You can watch the vlog if you like:
 If you'll excuse me and my seriously bad hair day we can wrap this up.

Next week is the second installment of Fifty Shades by EL James with Fifty Shades Darker. Oh La La

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