Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Bean Counter: So Random It Kind Of Gives Me A Head Ache

Well Thursday is fast approaching and I of course must do a break down. The randomness of these past ten days or so astound even me. So I'm just going to start with zero. Beware there are links all over this one.

When Otters Attack. Yahoo is on fire  with craziness. A triathlon-er  was, well training for a triathlon, when a deranged otter bit her 25 times. I'm not sure what's worse being bit by an otter or the comments from some of the people who shared their two cents. +15

Manage to witness some crack pot on Google + claim rather passionately that he not only is a vampire but was turned against his will. Well that seemed fresh out of a Dakota Cassidy novel... +10

Stuck on Chapter 9 after spending exactly 8 days on Chapter 8. -12

Mom arrived today and already my life is upside down. -8

Was denied financial aide this week due to my non residency status. I've lived in California since January but they only deal with people who've lived in the state for over a year. -25

The up side is I can appeal. +10

Went to Karaoke Sunday night. Some random drunk moron calls me Titties to my face when I came from the restroom. I asked him if he wanted to die that night. He went away after shortly after that. +19 (hey it was funny and awkward)

A witness to my desire to end people, blogged about this either Monday or Tuesday night. So I'm freaking famous. +10

In a very surprising turn of events I found both EL James' Fifty Shades Freed and Kresley Cole's Lothaire at Freaking Walmart of all places. +16

Speaking of Walmart since I was in the center of mediocrity, I broke down and purchased a fan for my apartment. Well it is for the dog but I'm the one in front of it. +5

The Photo Prompt is out and I actually saw it early enough to think of something to write. +6

I can't think of anything yet. -11

Got pegged to work at a new magazine launching in August. +5 

My gut feeling says it might not make it. -12

My mentor from my last ship managed to get time off the ship to come to San Diego. He gave me a thumbs up on how things are going. Of course like all mentors he said I had room for improvement but at at least I'm heading in a semi good direction. +23

Ate some fairly good Indian cuisine at this place called India Palace. Had something fishy that was beyond nom noms. I think I might have even mouthgasmed on the Samosa. +14

And because I just can't ignore the news Zimmerman told Sean Hannity that it was "Part of God's Plan" to kill an unarmed teenage boy. You have got to be kidding me... -17

OKCupid Bot
Let's not forget dating on Ok Cupid: 
Guy: Hey want to have some fun? I've never been with a Black Chick before.
Me: There's a pet store on University that sells chicks in all colors. Hook yourself up.
Guy: Screw you. Slut.
Me: Your Mom must be so proud. -15

Then Huffington Post put out this awesomely funny article about a guy so well endowed that TSA frisked him because they thought it was a pistol. And the kicker is this guys does not do porn. +5 

If he did would I watch it? I think most likely no. Somethings aren't meant to be seen by this woman. +/-0

And Last but not least it's Pride week in San Diego. I've a bunch of friends that will be attending. Which means so will I and Mommy Dearest is coming to the parade! How cool is that??? +28

And the total of all random in this crazy few days: 66 Meh...


  1. I'm sad I never get mentioned in bean counters. Even though I voluntarily stay up to listen to you read to me :P

    1. You got mentioned on one Bean Counter. It was the Masochist Tango, remember???

    2. Ah, that's right. I forgot I shared that awesome song.....

    3. And there was the whole lame gazelle conversation I had to edit your face and/or name from. I have to go check that one but you were in that too.


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