Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fictioneer: The Dragon Fly and the Princess

This Friday brings the return of the Fictioneers to this blog and boy does Ms. Woods want to test me. This week we have a little girl and her father. I hope everyone thinks back to when little kids make too much sense and get a chuckle out what this little Pumpkin has to say.

The Dragon Fly and the Princess:

"Daddy I want it."
"Why do you want it cupcake?" The Dragon Fly perched on a rock waiting for the answer. 
"Because it's pretty. And, and, you said princesses should have pretty things."
"Yes Pumpkin, but what if it already belongs to another princess? Won't that make her sad?" 
The Dragon Fly released a breathe. What the father said made sense even if there were no other princesses.
The little girl thought. 
"There are no other princesses Daddy, if there is, she's invading." The King realized his error. 
"Yes Pumpkin, there aren't any princesses."
"If there is Daddy, you have to kill her." The Princess smiled brightly. "I want it Daddy."

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  1. I think this would be a perfect opportunity to lay down some discipline. She obviously needs it.

    Typo? "Yes Pumpkin, but what if already belongs to another princess?" Missing an "it" after "if"?

    1. Gotcha, Thank you for catching that.

      I think we're past the discipline stage if the little one is talking about killing other princesses, lol. I"m just saying.

  2. Is this from the dragonfly's point of view? Spoiled princess...I fear the day she becomes queen. Cute story.

    1. As you can see I wasn't sure what point of view to take this from. I think this little one is too smart for her own good. We can hope she grows into compassion.

  3. Beaten at his own game. The King should have seen it coming. Children learn more from watching than listening. She'd probably seen her father deal with an invasion before.

    1. Probably. Kids are such sponges. She probably did get the idea from her father the King.


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