Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday's Bean Counter: Not much to show for it

What can I say for this week? Not much.

Honestly I don't even really have anything for this week's Bean Counter, so I went back to the original Bean Counter for inspiration. They weren't much help. There were some bears though...

With that said I have to apologize. I've been really enjoying the quiet solitude of not having a super dramatic and destructive roommate around the house giving a pallor to everything I hold dear. My only issue now is where to forward his mail.

I'm thinking I want to go see a movie after I fight with the DMV some more. This not having a CA ID is slowly but killing me.

You know what's even more disturbing? Still working on chapter seven. at least I'm not the only one hoping I finish my book. I was contacted by a self publishing company today called IUniverse. I heard of them before but only because they approached me before. I've never sent them any samples of my work. Frankly I have nothing to offer them, yet they are all about helping me publish.

Ms. Townes is well versed in scams and this one smells phishy. What does one with little faith and lots of doubt do? Aside from call themselves Thomas? I Google them. Not just Google them, I Google+'ed them. Of course they are known, and avoided like the plague. A fellow author and pod caster muscled up and gave me the skinny on them. They ask for your hard earned money upfront then nothing.

You know what it sounds like to me? That moment in House Party 2 where Iman's character Sheila, suckers Play out of Kid's scholarship check. It's a ten minute video but hey it's totally worth it, well to me anyway. I'm trying to make a point.

This is how people take advantage of others and IUniverse stinks of that. So what I'm going to end up doing is taking the advice of my pod caster friend and do it the old fashion way. Send off samples when the book is done (sometime in 2013 early) and hope for a miracle. Maybe I'll take the time to work on the plethora of other stories I have going. Or maybe rework the first book I started when I was still attached to the ship in Norfolk. Now that was a good story and the girls in the berthing over there on the San Antonio always had me swimming in inspiration. Of course I have to finish this one first. It is always good though to look to the future.

Funny thing about looking for old movies on YouTube, once you find what you're looking for you find other stuff. 45 minutes after I found this video did I mange to upload it. What was I watching on you tube? Well...

Because yeah that's what I was raised on.

But after I've wasted a good portion of my life and my writing time not writing I guess I'll have to just work on the memory spell tomorrow.

Chewy says bye.

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