Friday, August 29, 2014

Addressing your audience (So people who don't give a damn, can go on with their lives)

That awkward moment when I'm scrolling through my newsfeed and I spot this random post, where the author of the post, is talking directly to me. The problem with this is the fact that, the post is written in second person, yet the author knows absolutely nothing about me. I always wonder, what is she talking about? Why is she directing this useless babble at me? If she's talking to someone or someones in particular, not some random "YOU," why doesn't she address him, her, or them? Why doesn't she give a name to her audience, so I can ignore her unoriginal words of wisdom? The Straight Dope called their audience "The Teeming Millions." My Ex-Bestie, called the fans of 3AHA, Animals; where as I still call the fans, Lovelies. My point is that, there is a population of people, this person is addressing, and I'd like her to address them formally at the beginning of her "YOU, YOUR, YOU'RE" posts. That way, I don't waste precious moments of my life realizing, that the current batch of shite, isn't really directed at me personally.

It sounds mean, I know, and I may suffer for ranting in such a public forum. However, I'm doing this in such a public manner in hopes that she will realize the difference between actually talking to  her friends, and talking to a following of people whom she knows, or network with for a particular reason. It's like reading a horoscope, the only difference is that, I want to hear/read my horoscope. This stuff just randomly comes up in my Facebook Newsfeed.

Every time I see this kind of post, I feel like the guy in my lovely Le Derp illustration (thank goodness for google). It takes me about 30 minutes to recover, and in that time I could have been productive. Instead I just get irritated and I have to turn into doe horrible internet troll. No one wakes up and says, "I'm going to troll the internets today." Since I'm irritated though, I almost feel compelled to go there. The level of irritated I can reach upon the sight of such utter nonsense, can't be tabulated. I really wish she'd stop doing this.

Anyway I figured I put my frustrations into words. I have been having nightmares lately, and my current state of irritations might be a direct result of them, but what eve's.

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