Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Bean Counter: A Bag of Puppies and Dead Zombies

Seen the most heart wrenching youtube video of all pet mommy and pet daddy time. Purina ProPlan makes every dog a great dog and for 62 seconds I did nothing but tear up then hit replay over and over and over again.
I can't even quantify how awesome that little video is. But I can try. +50

I canceled my OKCupid profile for all of a week in a half. Then I got bored and had to do a completely different one from scratch. -10

Thanks to this week's article, call it Kismet why don't you, I got nothing but hits on the new profile from guys old enough to need a waiver. Disproving the whole women in our 30's are unattractive. -10

Copyright 2012 Nicole Sturgeon
but +15 because I'm a dead sexy thang

Stupid bot...

Went outside to smoke a cigarette the other day with my bestie and was greeted by a man sprawled out on the pavement. I was bummed,  I had been pretty much telling myself that I live in a fairly nice neighborhood. -10

Went to the beach and was kindly asked by a deaf man on a tricycle to flash my boobies. True Story. There were witnesses. +20

So geeky, I had a gasm in my brain:
What are you doing for the Zombie Apocalypse? Do you have a plan? Have you assembled a team? Well I proudly say with all the joy and sarcasm I can muster that I'm officially the token black chick in my friend's (click on her blog) ZRT (Zombie Response Team) She even drew me a caricature. +35

She drew me a girl-ifed badass. There's even a little flower in my hair. +10

LA Times reported that they found a Woolly Mammoth tooth while digging up the area for a new train station. And I'm sure Bill Nye the Science Guy stroked his bow tie when that happened. Heck, I'd stroke his bow tie... Evolution GO!! +15 for Science.
-10 for the epic headache the people attempting to build on the site now have.

Speaking of Evolution...
My new favorite show (Gag Me) Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Chile! came under a little more scrutiny yesterday when one of the ladies from The View blasted the little chubby starlet for being overweight. I'm okay with this and I agree with Joy Behar. She is overweight and if her parents continue to feed her the way they have been she'll only get more obese and she'll have a plethora of health problems. +10 for having some balls Joy.

Why is that show even on television? -25 for the de-evolution of the modern society.

And what's The Mars Rover doing? Something cool I hope...
I'll admit I cried during this movie.
No not really, they are just playing with the seven foot long robotic arm. It's kind of cool... +7

However an astroid the sized of three football fields passed really close to Earth today (Thursday) around 3 PM PST the geeks who were tracking it said it wasn't dangerous. +5
Was anyone else thinking what I was thinking?
<========== Don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep... -45 because I can't remember the rest of the song.

No, well how about a Bag of Puppies to make up for that?

What is the tally this week? Another bag of puppies.

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