Thursday, November 15, 2012

The word count update: Not ahead not behind

Today I reached 25,000 words in my story. I should have done that two days ago at the rate I was going then decided that I could take a break. Anyway I put down 3000 today before the creation of this blog entry and I'll probably write some more after this just to keep going.

Anyway here's a little bit of the story. incase you're actually interested:

Never Getting Laid Again 

Felicity was just coming down the smedium sized hill with her laundry cart when her phone chirped. She had a feeling it wasn’t Bestie because he’d been involved with Jake since the show at The Quarter. She figured that it might be Barry or one of the other guys she knew. She let the call go to voice mail. She’ take care of everything once she had all her laundry put away.

On cue the voice mail beeped right at she was rounding the corner to her home. She waved to the neighbor who always seemed to be watching her. One day she was going to flash her bare breast at her. Maybe she’ll stop watching her apartment so much. At the top of the stair she could hear her dog and her home phone going off. She must be in high demand.

Perrito nosed his way past the door only bolt back inside when he spotted the Laundry cart. Felicity pushed the cart into the apartment, closed and locked the door. Her dog greeted her with a stray pair of underwear he most likely squirreled away while she was packing for the laundromat.

She checked the house phone first. That one was most likely to give her good news, even if the news was only marginally good. She entered her passcode. Two messages stating that her department store account was past due and a request for an interview. That was excellent news. She’d call them back immediately.

She headed to her office and booted up her lap top, her files would tell her more about the company that responded. Then she would so a search on their San Diego location. But not before calling them back and checking her Cranium account. She replayed the message for the number and redialed it. Her interview was prescheduled for three days from now. From that she gather that this was either group interview or a pre interview screening. Either way it was good news.

She finally checked her cell phone. It was Steven, her insides tightened. When ever he wanted to see her she knew that she was going to be in for a great night. He was smart, charming, unbelievably sexy, rich and very generous. None of that mattered though when he was in the room. He dominated every thing with just his existence, and she believed his only purpose in life was to keep her so off balanced that she could nteve think straight around him. 

Even her dog seemed to lower his defenses around him. She remembered what she told Bestie the day she met him.  Vulcan Mind Meld he seemed to deliver that first day never wore off. Each time she saw him socially it got stronger, it even seemed to work on her friends. Felicity joked once that he might not be human. No man could not possibly be that persuasive.

His message was quick: 
“Hello beautiful, I have tickets to Cirque Du Soleil tonight, I thought that you might want to wear something nice and watch it with me. I’ll be by at 7 the show starts at 8:30.” 
She looked at the clock on the wall. It was 6:15. Shit Shit Shit. She ran to her bathroom stripping her sweats off along the way. This would be the quickest shower. Perrito followed her to the bathroom until he came across a particularly stinky sock. Just as he settled down for a good mauling of her sock, she was out the shower just barely tripping over him. Felicity ran to her bedroom with soap bubbles trailing behind her. She rushed so much that she didn’t completely rinse off.

She stood in front of her closet wondering what he meant by something nice to wear. The practical side said to dress fro the circus. The other side said wear a dress. “Stupid wear something warm.” She said to no one in particular. She grabbed the lotion and began rubbing it in. The clock said 6:29 she was sure that time was traveling faster in just her apartment. She put on a pair of underwear and realized that they were granny panties. They had to come off. She settled on a plum colored 60’s inspired dress with a sweetheart neck line. She gathered her hair into a bun on the top of her head and added some purple beads around her neck and dropping from her ears. She was just slipping into a pair of pumps when Steven  knocked on her door.

She walked out to her living room to find her laundry cart, still stuffed to the brim with laundry and effectively blocking the door. Fuck Fuck Fuck, she mumbled while her dog barked insanely around the cart. Her to do list for today only had laundry and relax on it. She didn’t feel relaxed. She pushed the cart into a nearby closet hoping that she’d remember it tomorrow when she woke up. 

Steven stood there looking eight ways of delicious dressed in a  gray blazer and more dark jeans. “You look good enough to eat.” He said by way of greeting. He moved in close, wrapping his arm around her waist. He dipped his head low the the crook of her neck and nibbled there. She splayed his hand across the top of her ass pressing her close to his body. Felicity  flowed with the movement placing her hands on his chest. She was learning his body and getting down his movements. While nothing was ever routine with him , she began to have an idea of what to expect.

“Just let me get my purse together and then we can go.” She stepped away from him and headed into her bed room looking for all the things that should be going in to her bag but never seemed to find it’s way in there.

“I think I see your phone in the office. Do you want me to grab it?” 

“Yeah.” She said on her way to the bathroom. Her wallet was still in her sweats.

“You have an appointment coming up?” Her computer was open to her calendar.

“Yeah I have a job interview.” She peeked into the office. She was getting used to him being so invasive. She still felt a little skittish sometimes around him but that was also wearing off. 

“Anywhere good?” He handed her phone to her, then placed his hand on the small of her back.
“I’m not sure yet but they are paying above the average so I’m going to try to impress them.”

“I think you should just come work for me.” He leaned over her and planted a kiss full of sensual promises. She melted in his arms right there. He deepened the kiss  making her moan back into his greedy mouth. She was a fuse waiting to be lit around him. He could touch her anywhere and she’d be ready for him, just like that.

“And what would I be?” She gasped coming up for air.”Your assistant? Your companion?” He dipped lower to the tops of her breast. “I think I told you that I would actually need to work.”  

“You’d be my therapist.” He slid his hot tongue between her cleavage. The hand behind her back moved up to the metal tag of her zipper. “I get stressed out a lot. You can be my stress relieve.” The teeth of the zipper rasped slowly as he pulled it down.

He released her only to grab her behind her back and knees. He carried her to her bedroom. He finished peeling her dress down revealing the strapless bra she threw on and the non matching thong.  He left the shoes on. Felicity was not sure what he was goin gto do to her but she knew that when ever he touched her she would love it.

She watched Steven slide down her under wear and position her feet close the her butt. He pushed her knees down spreading her thighs apart. He put his middle finger to his mouth, pressing it against his lips. His tongue darted out the lick the tip. He opened his mouth and inserted his finger, closing it and forming a seal. He sucked his finger, while fFelicity stared deeply into his hazel eyes. They flashed green as she wantonly thrust her hips in the air. She begged with her body to be the recipient of his touch. She raised her hands about her head and grabbed on to one of her many pillows. She could feel the liquid heat flowing from her.

“What about the Circus?” She whispred as Steven bent to the mattress. She rocked her hips gently when the bed sank under his weight.

“We’ll make the show.” He ran his hands from her ankle to her knees then down again, where he wrapped his large hands around them each. He blew on her too ready lips. She quivered whole bodily when her did it again. “I just want to make sure you know how delicious you look.”

He brought her to orgasm using his hands and his lips. He didn’t stop until she screamed out his name and almost pushed him away. When the last of it rolled through her body she opened eyes she didn’t know she’d closed. She reached down to caress Steven’s soft curly hair. She felt languid and relaxed, she could lay there all night. 

Just when she began to drift off she felt the bed shift. Steve rose from edge of her bed, not before placing a quick peck on her belly. He brought her knees together, then reached for her arms. He stood her on wobbly feet and deftly redressed her.
“It’s only 7:30, well make the show.” Felicity could smell her on his lips and was even more turned on. She leaned into his body and kissed him deeply. She pulled him close just to feel his erection pressing against her stomach.  She wanted to return the favor right then and there. She naked her fingers between them.

“We won’t make the show if you continue though.” He grabbed her busy hands in one of his own. He lead her out of her bedroom grabbing her purse on the way to the door.

The next day Felicity woke beside Steven. She smiled at Jar Jar who decided the warmest place was between the two of them. Waking up there always made her feel a little apprehensive. But she pushed those feelings aside. She stretched as much as she could with out disturbing the cat or her human, which was not much.

The sun filtered in through the window behind the bed. This was the quiet time she had to herself before he was up and running everything. She was having fun with him. He was perfect, handsome, confident, sexy as hell. But he was too much. Some times like last night, she felt like she was a completely different person. A person she didn’t know, and Felicity was not sure if being with him was worth changing herself.

She tried to talk to Bestie about it but Bestie in his fashion told her that she was whining.  She missed him sometimes on the nights that she got the be alone. Felicity talked to Barry a few times about things with Steven. The Shoe Whore basically told her that she needed to to anything and everything to keep him. Felicity knew that in some respect he was right. But this felt wrong.

Steven began to wake beside her. He reached for her, upsetting Jar Jar who’d curl in to a little orange ball. She unfurled herself and slinked away to another spot on the bed. Felicity pasted a sleepy smile on her face while Steven rubbed his face between her uncovered breast. She stared at the ceiling, wishing that he was the one. 

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