Monday, November 5, 2012

NaNoWriMo Update

The Update. Well it's into day five. I haven't put anything down for today just yet but still doing pretty good. I have  total of 7,330 words on a story that I have to say might be as neurotic as I am. That's crazy right? So what am doing here, you might ask. Well I decided that someone might want to take a look at what I'm doing. No worries. The NaNoWriMo site has a place for excerpts too. You'll see this same thing over there eventually.

Never Getting Laid Again by Atiya Townes

An hour later her little pad had a fairly decent rendition of a yacht that bobbed in the water across from her. She decided not to ad color to it. She’d work with just grays and black on this. The inspiration took her quietly for another hour. She hardly noticed the wind picking up a little or the people walking by. 

So it was almost a minute before she noticed that one of the people supposedly passing by wasn’t actually passing. He was tall lanky sort of medium toned skin with bouncy black curls tucked into a short pony tail behind his head. He had a metal coffee mug dangling from one hand and leash attached to cat in a harness, perched on his opposite shoulder.

Felicity stared at the stranger for a full minute before she realized she was staring. Then she dug into her big bag for her, phone hoping the cat man would stay still enough to let her take a picture. The cat, and orange striped one, arched it’s back, then made a quick shift to the other shoulder. The man leaned forward a little to help it along the way. Felicity cooed to herself at the whole gesture. She gave up on searching for the phone and just watched the man and his cat. His back was to her so she didn’t feel like she was intruding. Plus in her mind if a man was walking around San Diego with a cat on his shoulders he expected people to stare at him, she thought. In her mind it was his own fault for drawing that much attention to himself.
The man shifted  slowly so that his profile was facing her. He had one of those noses that seemed confused. It was rounded yet pointed outward just a little, but not enough to be considered too large. Her more talented friend in Florida would have a field day trying to draw his nose. 

Felicity gradually became aware that the cat man knew she was staring at him. Something in his too relaxed posture and the way he allowed her to study him. He casually angled his head towards her as if he wanted her to take him in bit by bit. A smile slowly inched across his face as he fully turned to face her. When he was leaning with his back against the railing he finally focused on Felicity. She stared at him completely forgetting all her training in manners. 

She was amazed at how beautiful he was. She ogled him with a sort of objective detachment. Her head leaned, cocked to one side while she studied him. Then a flush of awareness raced through her when the man turned his smile up from welcoming to sexy. She hoped her nipples did react to him. She cursed herself for wearing one of the lacy get ups today. And with that last thought she could feel her nipples tightening, whether it was from arousal or embarrassment she’d never know.

She leaned forward hoping to point her girls away from him incase she poked him in the eye. He dialed his smile up to smoldering in. Felicity blinked several times to try to regain control of her composure. She looked down at her note pad, the yacht no longer held any interest for her. The cat man sucked up the little inspiration she had. She turned to a blank page hoping the whole time that the cat man had moved on. She refused to look up in case the man was still there. The curiosity was killing her though, she would look up one last time. Maybe he’d be gone now that she’s not looking at him anymore.

Felicity was working up the nerve to take one last peep, when she heard the grass crunch in front of her. The orange tabby arrived first, circling her spot then stopping to sniff the contents of the big bag beside her. Felicity liked cats, she had a few when she was growing up. She knew that even if the cat was friendly she still had to respect teh fur baby and let it introduce itself on it’s own time. The owner on the other hand just happily sat down next to her.

“Mind if I sit here? Thanks. Hey what are you working on?” He grabbed her art book boldly knowing that she’d just sit there stunned.

“Uh umm” There were three million things going through Felicity’s mind beginning the moment he came into view. Stay cool girl stay cool don’t say anything. “Err ghad hag.”

The cat man frowned.

“I mean go ahead.” Felicity said. What happened to not saying anything? Where’s your head girl.

“I’m Steven. This is Jar Jar. I have to tell you, you’re not very good at this.” He flipped through the book dismissing each page. “I like this one though.” He looked at the boat in the harbor. “Not bad at all. you should finish this one.”

“Thanks, I think. Who are you?” Felicity wanted to lick him even if he was insulting her. Wait. He was insulting her. She grit her teeth. Who was this asshole?

“I just said I’m Steven, and this is my cat Jar Jar.” He put down the book and held out his hand. She stared at it noticing all the little scars decorating it. She shook the offered hand awkwardly.

“You named you cat Jar Jar?”

“At least my cat has a name. You don’t seem to have one yet.” He gripped her hand briefly before releasing it.

“Flic short for Felicity. I guess nice to meet you.” Her hand tingled a little. She felt warm all over. She was still mad at him for telling her she want’ very good. But she still felt warm all over.

“Well Flic short for Felicity do you want to go get some coffee? I’m on empty.” He up ended the metal mug. “There’s a coffee shop not far from here.” His chin jutted in a direction behind her indicating which way the shop was. She looked behind her and found Jar Jar getting comfy on her bag. He’d somehow climbed into the bag. She though of the many Cheezburger memes on the internet. “If it fits it sitz” She smirked.

“Uh yeah I guess, but your cat is sleeping in my purse,” He peeked around her at the cat and shrugged. “is this some kind of game where you get your cat to steal things out of chick’s bags and then disappear?” 

“No that’s a neat trick though.” He frowned for moment. “I figured since you were staring at me so hard, that you’d want to have a drink. You practically ate me alive.”

Felicity was embarrassed all over again. Once again who was this character? Who did he think he was? 

“I was not staring at you hard.” Then she added with out thinking. ‘Plus you were smiling at me dialed up to sexy so I couldn’t help wondering who you ere looking at.” Oh my God she just didn’t say that, did she?

Steven broke out the sexy smile again then crossed his eyes. “You think I’m sex-y I caught you sta-ring.” He got up from the ground, dropping the book back in Felicity’s lap. “C’mon we can talk about how I’ll make you night over coffee. Grab the cat.”

Felicity’s mouth hung loose some where near the grass she sat on, pretty motionless at that last display of childhood behavior. Then she processed the rest of what Steven just said. So she might actually have sex tonight? Does that mean he likes her? She wan’t even sure if this counted as a proper introduction. Still they just met, should they be talking about sex?

Steven was standing with his hand out looking down at her. She handed him JarJar who amazingly didn’t scratch her for picking him up. As Steven put  Jar Jar on his shoulder she checked out the cat. Not a boy a girl. He named a female kitty Jar Jar? And she was contemplating having sex with him? 

She packed up her art supplies and checked for her wallet phone and house keys at the same time. She still didn’t trust him but something int he back of her mind told her that checking was a good idea. She stood up stretching her arms above her heard. The stretch felt so good that she arched out breathing deeply enjoying the elongating of her body since she sat with her legs folded for such a long time. Steven watched appreciatively until she noticed him looking. It was her turn. She offered her own sexy smile as she slowly relaxed her stretch. 

Just when he she swore his eyes dilated a little her cell rang. She dug in her purse for the phone. Bestie was calling.

“Hey how’s the park today?” She could hear latin music in the background. He must be at his family’s house. 

“It’s great today.” That was the understatement of the day.

“Awesome, don’t forget the show tonight okay. You have to bring your camera so that boys can get some audience shots to post.” The boys from the bar were doing a show called Boylesque Tom Cats. She promised that she’d take some good shots for them, no charge.

Felicity cringed. This might be a now or never deal with Steven. Shit Shit Shit. She thought, and glanced at Steven. He smiled at her patiently, then scratched Jar Jar’s neck.

“Yeah I won’t forget. Hey can I call you back later?” She smiled back at Steven.

“Sure are you busy right now?” Bestie asked.

“Yeah a little I’ll call you later on.” 

“Okay” Bestie disconnected.

Steven walked beside her  as they headed for the coffee shop. “Everything okay?” 

“Oh yeah that was just my best friend reminding me about something.” She waved off her best friend with a dismissive hand.

“Great, so tell me about yourself Flic short for Felicity.” He walked close to her, practically whispering in her ear. To anyone passers by and onlookers they looked like a very odd couple. Felicity didn’t feel mind except for the fact that Steven was a complete stranger.

“What would you like to know that you think I’m willing to tell you?” She sent him a sideways looks. First at him then at his cat.She was beginning to think he randomly approached women at the park on a regular basis.

“Very good question, Flic short for Felicity. May I just call you Felicity?” He turned fully to her. “That whole thing is just too long.” He even stopped for emphasis.

“Uh yeah.”

“Great, Felicity. You want to know what I want to know about you. HHmm Let me see. First I’ll need your social security number, then the pin to your ATM card and then the contact information for your closest relative.”

“Oh my god, what the fuck? You have to be kidding me, right.”

“I’m not kidding. Since you caught my cat in the middle of stealing your wallet, I had to be completely up front. If you’re a good girl, and give up the juices, I might let you hang around.” He reached for her hand and drew her towards the coffee shop that was just up ahead. He crossed his eyes again. He grinned as he tugged her to the door.

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