Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I like the 10th Doctor Who, enough to sit through a Rom Com

Instead of writing for the last two days I've been sitting on my couch watching Netflix. Not to worry though because I pulled almost 5000 words out my ass in three hours just now so I'm going to finish on time.

Anyway, back to my two days of watching television. I'm surfing through my suggestions which by the way, on Netflix they suck, I start watching romantic comedies. I have no good reason to be watching that drivel but I do. I like to laugh and I like to fake like there's hope. 

Basically despite my being raised by wolves, surrounded by crazy women, and spending the last few years, sailing a bunch of seas with politically incorrect Sailors (blissfully), I'm still essentially a female with frilly female ideas on what romance should be.  Well, actually I buy into what I'm told is the frilly idea of what romance should be.

But that does not stop me from watching some thing just because Doctor Who is in it. So that is why last night I found myself watching of all things, The Decoy Bride, starring David Tennant. This is not the first time I've watching some thing because of a Doctor Who actor had a role in it.  Some time at the end of the summer I discovered Party Animals with Matt Smith from 2007.  But forget him I'm all about the wibbly wobbly timey wimey right now.

So The Decoy Bride stars that  young woman who played that young Scottish maid in Gosford Park and the tenth Doctor Who. It actually turned out to be a fairly decent movie.  A lot of funny Scottish people running around with being proudly different from everyone. I have to wonder why the movies do that. It's like they go out of the way to make Scottish people and Welsh all seem really crazy. What ever once you got over the over done silliness of the extra character you managed to get an okay story line and mildly entertaining comedy from it.

So yes it fulfilled its requirement for a romantic comedy. But really I was watching it for my favorite Doctor. He's actually not that bad of actor when he's not pointing a sonic screw driver at things. 

But after two days of watching the idiot box I did finally sit back down at my computer and work on my story. I wish it didn't feel so much like work at first. But once the words finally decided to flow I was fine.

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