Wednesday, October 31, 2012

There Might Be a Book Coming Out

Madison Woods a lovely creature that I absolutely want to be when I grow up has a pet project going on. Since she began the Friday Fictioneers with a few writers some time ago she's had this idea to make a book of it. I could be wrong about it being since the beginning. Anyway. The book I guess is supposed to be either cheap or free. Don't ask I don't really remember.

So last minute I decided to contribute to this book I doubt that I even get into it but I sent in two stories. But let me explain the concept: The 100 X 100 project. Much like the Flash Friday Fictioneers, where she post the picture and writers everywhere write a 100 word story. The cap is at 100 stories. The beautiful thing about this is that we may cover the same subjects but we're all going to write something different. I love it.

Seeing as this is going into a book that I may or may not be featured in, I decided to post my two last minute contributions here.


Day and Night

The difference between day and night creatures is just the dawn. But this night beast wasn’t going anywhere until he saw her. 

There, from the lining in the horizon she came, the child of light. She was his size but brighter, her glittering wings danced in the dawn mist. His own leathery wings even sang in the joy of her movements.

He rose to meet her. They stopped, floating inches apart.

“This will never work between us.” He moaned, shaking with need.

“But I found a way to be together.” She touched him then and this time, it didn’t hurt!

Ending The Night

Jon was really about to kill Dave for that crazy woman he introduced him to earlier in the evening. But Dave had a plan for her.

Dave pulled into the garage and killed the engine. The weight of the car dipping as they got out and settled on the trunk.

“Is there a reason we’re still out right now?” Jon fished a cigarette out from his jacket. 

“I just want to see the sun rise.” 

“I guess we’ll bury her later then?” Jon asked. The woman was still moaning from inside.

“Shhh watch the sun.” The woman moaned even louder.

I kind of like the hope that's built up in the first story Day and Night. But I'm feeling a little sinister today like in the second one.

I'll follow up when I have more information.

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