Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Honest Thief - Friday Fictioneer

I guess I should post my 100 words. I'd been thinking about it all last week and sort of wrote about it a little in my journal. I bring back Ajax and Nitya this week.

Please enjoy : An Honest Thief
Copyright Lora Mitchell

“He wasn’t awake so I left them by the window.” Ajax slouched in the faded seat.

“Why lilies? Aren't those for the dead and the innocent?” Nitya asked. The scent of lilies lingered in the air around him. She disliked the smell.

“He was a good man.”

“He is a thief Ajax.”

“Nitya.” Ajax warned. He tapped the wheel.

“He’s a master thief Ajax.”

“But he was an honest man. He taught me everything I know.” Nitya had to admit that old Trick was a good person. 

“Why are you talking like he’s gone? He’s only sick.”

“Because he’s dying.”

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  1. Glad to see you made it this week, Atiya. The time flies by, doesn't it? It's interesting to see how many people apparently dislike the smell of lilies which, I admit, can be overpowering. Maybe on ly their characters dislike the smell. :-) I like how you tied the lilies (for "the dead and innocent") to the fact that Trick is dying.

    In that same sentence, "Those are for the dead and the innocent?", I don't think you want a question mark, just a comma as I think she's stating this, not asking.

    (And potting your post??) :-)

    Enjoy your Sunday,


    1. Yes. I was potting it alright. Lol thank you Janet. I was having a migraine last night that refused to let me sleep. I obviously just didn't care what I was doing. Thanks for spotting those mistakes

      I love the smell of lilies, but I'm more of a Day Lily person not really the ones pictured above. I used to grow orange day lilies around my mother's house. Great scent and wonderful color from spring to fall.

  2. Dear Atiya,

    I love the distintion between thief and Master Thief and the fact that he's an honest man. Sorry about your migraine. Hope you're feeling better now.



    1. Doug,

      I'm feeling much better now. Thank you for the well wish. Some people are still "good" despite what they do.

      Thanks for coming by.


  3. Dear Atiya,
    Some weeks are busier than others, aren't they? I,too, find the scent of lilies overpowering, particularly Stargazers. Pretty flowers cut can't stand them for long.
    An honest thief, there's a contrast. You left me wanting more. Nice one.

  4. I like the dialogue
    Glad you posted :-)


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