Sunday, March 17, 2013

Migraine - Let me tell you how I feel.

I blame you. And you get no thanks... 
Who? This guy? No this guy.

This migraine. 
Yep migraine, you've ruined so many awesome moments. You make my dog's light patter on the rug sound like metal grating on metal. His very dog like breathing feels like super dry hot dusty clay raking over my face. The ticking of the clocks, murderous death counts banging thunderous echos through my so quietly dark home. You make staring at my computer torture the glare alone makes my neck throb. No thanks to you, Migraine, what was a great day has turned to an absolute SHITE of a night.

And while I lay on my bed with a wet rag between my teeth trying to be comfortable. You, migraine, wreak havoc squeezing and wrenching my weakened brain. There is no escape. There is no mercy. There's just you and me in a battle for supremacy over my body. 

You win. Every time.

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