Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thank god for Spanx.

For two weeks I've been challenging myself by attempting a sewing pattern from 1956. If I were a good and steady person I would have said I'm not ready for this challenge skill wise. But I'm not and I like to make things hard for myself.

Several weeks back a good friend of mine and fashion designer showed me an awesome tip on making clothing your size. I found this tip invaluable at the time since I ordered a skirt from Pin-Up Girl on clearance only to find out that it doesn't fit. I had the sadz until he showed me how I can copy the heck out of it and make one that does fit me.

(I could have just went on a diet.)

But being a good friend and a better teacher than youtube, my friend,  sent me on my way. I made my skirt and moved on to something straight out of MadMen. I wanna be Joannie and Peggy smashed together. Let's call her either Jeggy or Poannie. Go with Poannie.

I even posted my progress earlier as a pre-prompt for the Fictioneers Submission. It was kicking my ass then and continued to do that to me all the way to the bitter end. I wanted to toss the whole thing but the Fictioneers being super supportive of everyone who does the blog hop, encouraged me to continue.

Frankly after I realized that I'd modified every part of the dress except the collar I should have just gave up then. I figured a way around that. I decided that I want to add a pair of frogs to it but I have to wait on that I haven't been to the sewing store. Other than not having the frogs to close off the top it is a done garment.

Thank God for Spanx though because I can't even wear the darn thing without them. The dress plus the lining is so damn snug I honestly can't move much without some kind of control something underneath it. Yeah Retro dress = Retro Size. I'll have to remake this dress again. Not just because of the size issue, but because there's a quarter inch gap under my arm where the side zipper is supposed to meet the top seam.

But the Million dollar question is: Is this a wearable garment?

You tell me.

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