Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pressure vs. Procrastination

The movers finally dropped of my furniture. I'm excited about this because I have a paper due tomorrow for my Poly-Sci class.

I'd love to sit down and work on it. Now that I have chairs and a couch and my own bed (instead of the air mattress) I can do this. Now that I have all aforementioned items I get to unpack them too. Stacey, my boss at Pleasure Play Pen, is also "encouraging" me to log on more. My customers like me and she wants to feature me. Which to her frustration she can't until I come one more often. For the life of me I need the money, I just can't commit.

What I'd really love to do is push all that off my table and finish the article (yes I said that word) on dating. It's not going anywhere but here in the Dog Log, however comma, I have to do research on it so its not just a normal entry anymore.

The question is: Does money matter in a relationship? I'm going to find out what a few people feel about that. So far I've got some info from Match. com that apparently does a survey every year to track dating trends. Who knew! Not this lil ms.

What to do, unpack write, or get on the lines? Technically I can do two out of three no sweat. But I'll do it later. That feeling of being overwhelmed is wining this battle. I really think I'm about to shut down sadly I'm not allowed so I'll do something light like set up the TV or something.

Oh and I dyed my hair Auburn, it's not Auburn. It's not what I wanted but at least it's not really bad.

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