Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Blessing

It occurred to me that I should start a second blog totally devoted to my exploits as a phone sex operator. Well I could do that, but how many times am I going to write about poo? Personally I hate poo, and I'm really not for spending more time writing something that's not going to make me famous. Though admitting that I'm a "sex worker" might just be the ticket to fame, it's not something I want to be known for. It's not like I'm going to have the Tyler Perry Blessing  or anything.

What is the Tyler Perry Blessing? Well let me first tell you in my opinion who Tyler Perry is. Tyler Perry is a large black man whom using his last dollar, made millions exploiting the black community. Go ahead and say "Don't Hate." I'm hating, and I have a good reason. Since WE (like the Royal WE) have supported this man for the last 15 years lets examine how he made his moneys. Then we can judge whether or not I need to do the same.

He invented Madea, Yay! Nothing like an 8 foot tall behemoth threatening violence at the drop of a pin and misquoting the Bible, to uplift a community. Now that's a Hollywood Win! I'm just saying, the guy dressed in drag and commercialized every stereotype and social dysfunction associated with being Black in America. Then the big tall bastard hand fed it back to us in stage form. People just as poor as he was, spent their hard earned money watching this garbage until someone had to take notice.  That dear friends is the Tyler Perry Blessing.

Before anyone brings out the pitchforks and starts chopping wood for the pyre, lets get a few things straight. I have taken the time to watch five of his movies and one of his plays. I even own one of them. Let me list them so you can for yourselves (if you're a fan) decide if I'm making any sense.  I Can Do Bad By Myself I own this one, The Family That Prays, Madea's Family Reunion, Why Did I Get Married 1 and 2, and Madea's Happy Family (that was the play). 

Let us examine the formula: each movie deals with some form of deception and selfishness. Each movie has some random person in it that is the quintessential bad person, not a villain, though some could make that leap, but these are "family movies." Most moves and plays, someone either dies, or breaks out in some seriously moving song. And my personal favorite part of every movie he makes is that "Luke I AM Your Father" moment. (when something known isn't exactly the truth or the whole truth) Such a gasps My Word moment, can't have a Tyler Perry hit with out one.

This was not my intention to rant about Tyler Perry when I wok up at 3:15 Am to write. Not my intention at all. I really wanted to talk about something else.

C'mon people there are not two kinds of Black People in this country. I'm not a Church going fool, nor am I a gun toting drug dealer. I refused to be represented as one. Good on Tyler Perry for finding a formula that works. He is shining examples of what Black People can achieve. From this amateur  writer's vantage point I can tell you that rising to that level would be freaking lovely. From another view point I think Mr. Perry can do something else now. He got his Blessing, he's never going to have to starve again.  I say put away the  drag suit and chop shop Bible. The royal WE will still be behind you Mr. Perry, you can stop now.

Next entry in a bit.


  1. I found you! If it wasn't for your twitter comment I wouldn't have known you had a blog. Sex industry? Nice. Maybe I should consult you when I write about Maria and her bordello! Nice blog girl! How's the writing? Come visit mine sometime. Leave a comment. Say hey. Tweet. Let me know you live.


    1. Wow. I'm sorry about that. I thought you knew. At least I now see a point to having a twitter account. I was seriously thinking of turning it off. I Signed up for Linky to follow you and I'm not diggin' the format. But I can stalk you know. Yay!!!


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