Friday, February 17, 2012

The small miracles

Today I took Chewy on a walk and you know what he did? Do you care? He went #2 outside! It only took a month! The pads were getting expensive. That and I was beginning to think I'll never use those special bags I bought just for picking up after him. Progress!

So after gushing profusely over Nurse Mom's voicemail I returned home and thought: Now what? I mean it's a battle won and not the war. But it made me think of all the other stuff that I needed to take on.

The book, has been languishing at chapter six for like evah, this blog hasn' been updated in like 4 evah, Poly-Sci is kicking my ass again, and Ms. Townes has quietly put everything down and had a screw it all moment.

The small miracle about all this is that today is day 179 of sobriety. I haven't given away my dog. Chapter six is about to get the jump start of a life time. I've donated my voice to a habitual pod caster. I have VA health care now. I'm about to get a fabulous paycheck and there's a concert tonight that I have a ticket to attend.

Life is on the up and up. I even met someone. I'm not really into him but it's a start. I'm hoping I can find the courage to tell him let him down easily. Every instinct in me says to be rude and abrupt about it. In my new found sobriety I don't believe that is a good idea. But the fact is, I need to scratch this new person off my list, so scratch him off I will do. (Don't ask what's wrong with him, I'm not going to tell.)

But yeah small miracles. I even go in touch with a publishing consultant. Something about this guy seems fishy. Says my spidey senses, I wonder how much this guy is going to charge...


  1. Congratulations on six months of sobriety.
    Chewy is so cute and I envy you.

  2. Thanks Tae. How are things at your end?

  3. I tend to stay at home eating and sleeping.
    I hope that I can go out more willingly.

    1. Baby Steps. Once you find something worth leaving the house for you'll do it. My dog make me leave. Once I'm out he gets all kinds of attention, that's how I've met people so far.

    2. Thank you so much, baby steps are really what I need to take.
      I could go to the meeting this evening and now I am much better.
      Thank you.


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