Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All in, now to redecorate.

Well after two days of back breaking lifting we are officially in our spacious two bedroom apartment. What kills me is that we can see the naval base from our front door and hear ships' whistles when ever they get underway. At least we can't hear Taps. I think we'd both stand at attention or something. Our perspective branches of the Military, still very fresh in our minds.

We're not angry that we didn't notices it before now, but it does give me a little start. Just a little start, not a big one.

Chewy loves the place.  He has plenty of space to roam, of course he's still under our feet, but that's not so bad as it used to be. I'm a little worried for the carpet, but I have closets again!!! And Doors!!! And a super large kitchen!!! And a thicker walls!!!!

I'm completely happy that before the mass hysteria of moving I managed to fit in the rest of chapter six. I'm not feeling positive about how I ended it but I think I'm satisfied with it. It was a chapter devoted to the secondary characters. I guess in my mind I hadn't built them up enough, which is why I struggled with it for almost three months. Chapter seven will be better. I already have it planned and I'm looking forward to seeing it on my computer. I really am, and I hope you are too.

RFKAO is in nesting mode. I'm already looking forward to school and finishing the writing phase of the book, and the next project. He on the other hand, is all about making this apartment a home. Cool with me, I'm just happy he's off my couch. I will admit that I am kind of curious as to how he will mix and match our things. It's always nice to see what someone else can do with your things.

I think after we are done unpacking I might post the pictures. I'm still on the fence about that. I'll know more after the place is done.

I can't wait to start writing again.


  1. Happy to hear that you are moved and happy with the new place. I think my brain would explode if I were too close to anything "Navy". I was practically running out of the military when I went.
    As for your carpets, I have found some amazing stuff to keep on hand. I'm currently swearing by Nature's Miracle. Does great for stain and odor removing. Back it up with some oxi clean arm & hammer once a month or so....and fabulous.

    1. I'm totally taking your advice since Chewy just yakked on the rug this morning. Thank you.


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