Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Dog Log is moving.

Physically moving that is. The blog will be here, right where it belongs.

Chewy, Occupy and I are upgrading to a bigger better place and we can't wait. Occupy gets off my couch! He gets his own room, with a door, and we also get a bath tub. I can't say that either of us will miss this place.

Stay tunned over the next few days as I upload a few entries that never made it on here:
Dating on Craig's List
Mr. Paperwork vs. Ms. Procrastination: A Death match Face Off
Chewy's mow-hawk and Co-Pilot rage
The Kitty Pig, Oink Meow I work Out...
Friday Flash Fiction- The weekly game 100+/- or less picture prompt.

Also to look for in the future: Our special family is expanding. Occupy is getting a cat. Of course we're naming it after another Star Wars character, just to express our combined Nerdiness. Padme or Leia if we find a female he loves. And if we get a male, you guessed it, Obi-Wan or Anakin.

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