Thursday, April 12, 2012

More about the Move

Occupy is about to loose his name. Well that's because the couch will no longer be occupied. We're moving as I have mentioned in a previous entry and I'm really excited. I even thought about writing a book about it. I said as much the the Roomy Formerly Known As Occupy (RFKAO) and he likes the idea.

I pitched this idea to him one night while we were smoking in the back yard. Some time between us talking about my latest and greatest odd ball caller and making jokes about Chewy. The book I said "Would be semi-autobiographical full of useless acts of assholiness and a bunch of recipes thrown in." Because seriously we make some really awesome food. Between the two us we could really make some yummy num numms that will make your mouth water.  RFKAO liked the idea, but then wondered what we'd call it. That's the easy part, I suggested the title I thought of while I was in the shower. Joey and Tia make a cook book: The semi-autobiographic story our lives after the Military and some really good food.

Alfredo with Bacon
He likes it. I like it. I think it would be a great project for 2013. Once The New God gets past the editing phase I know I can devote  most of my time to it. I already know what's going into this book recipe wise. His Chicken Quesadilla, the Mouthgasmic Meatloaf, his Slow Cooked Chicken Stew, my Pasta Alfredo with Bacon, greasy Burgers with Carrots, His To Die For Granola, His so healthy I Could Cry Fruit Smoothies, and what ever else we could come up with between now and then.

With the move to the new place this weekend we get a much bigger kitchen. The way we've been cooking we'll need the counter space. When we saw the place we're leasing we immediately moved into the kitchen to check out the counter space. It's not the biggest kitchen but its way bigger then this one. In this kitchen, me, Chewy and RFKAO can't all be in it together. We've tried, it doesn't work out. Someone will get hurt or burnt or stepped on. It's just not possible.

Anyhow  I really hope to be moving to stay. The stress of being in this place with all the screaming kids and their junkie parents is really killing me. Also I miss my couch, and my land lord for this place is such a troll. She's going into the book, definitely.

In other news
My cousin had a baby boy, Bruce. Welcome to the family little one. Many blessings be upon you. 

My Nephew
My nephew DaeDae (Not his real name) learned to roller skate. Lucky him because Ms. Townes can't skate at all.  

San Diego Humane Society is having another special: All adoptions are $15 this includes current shots, adoption exam licenses, and a free one hour training session. Check them out on their website

My father threw another Easter gathering this year complete with five billion Easter eggs for the hunt. 

Chapter six  of the New God is done, look for it tomorrow in the morning.  

Oh yeah I love my mother, she is the best.

I think that covers all things important to me right now. When I mean right now, I mean  like this moment, right now.  To you all who have been checking the blog for the past two weeks only to see that it has lain idle, I thank you for your patience. 

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