Monday, April 23, 2012

What an eventful weekend.

First off: I have been drinking. I started back a while ago and I need to be honest with you. The hardest thing for me is to be honest with  others because then it's true.

As long as no one knows what I'm doing I can still hold my head up.

Well I very much want to keep holding my head up. I have a lot to be proud of and I don't think I feel weak??? My shoulders may not be squared but my head is still up. The next few steps  might not be sure for me, but I will take them with my eyes open and for once in my life I actually have someone in my life that cares for me.

Yes I'm referring to RFKAO and yes I know he's gay, but seriously he happened to walk into my life at a very strange time and has managed to make my day brighter with every silly comment and snide remark. If it weren't for my trip to rehab I might have never met the guy.

Enough with the downers, I really needed to get that off my chest.

This weekend started with a date!  Yes I said the D word. After the fiasco with the creeper on Craig's List I figured this one might just be as bad. Stay tuned this week for that post for more on the Craig's List Creeper.

I'm hard pressed to give this guy a nick name because he already has one and if I use it, I'd feel bad. How about PersonNickNameUnknown? PNNU for short. I like him, he's sweet, very considerate, kind of an asshole, very funny, and unbelievably respectful.

RFKAO was not happy that he didn't get a chance to meet him before I left out my door. He took me to a hookah bar, and drank tea. How's that for a first date? Not bad actually, the cashier was a space cadet but other than that, it was nice. Somehow PNNU managed to get invited back to the place to watch Game of Thrones. But not before making a pit stop to the grocery store to grab ice cream.  We even got some for RFKAO and all three of us sat on my reclaimed couch and watched it.

Chewy seemed to like him, so now Chewy has made a new friend. I wish I didn't  have such a friendly dog. He likes everyone that sticks their hand out to him, the little slut.  RFKAO stepped out to smoke when the show was over, and somehow we ended up watching a movie after that. It was three AM by the time he left.

Saturday brings a night of epic drunkenness. There was a lot of hugging involved and inviting strange people to dinner on Sunday. Because this is supposed to be a serious blog (wink wink) I'm not going to get into what went down. I will say that I scared the crap out of my roomy to the point that he actually  though about getting some help. Not my proudest moment and even though it was very funny I really don't want to happen often, if ever again.

Luckily for the roomy PNNU called and kindly offered to babysit  a very drunk Ms. Townes. I woke up in the arms of a very nice man and my dog. Unharmed.  Someone was watching over me and I'm really thankful for that.

Dinner on Sunday was a chore because, one, I was recovering and the roomy wanted to make a dessert which meant I had to share my oven. One of his friend from the USMC came, as well as PNNU, and new friend we met the night before. Dinner would be followed by this dessert, I had to share my oven for. Totally worth it and it is so, going into the cook book. It was some kind of Apple Cobbler Crumble topped with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. It was amazing. After the food was put away, PNNU  had to leave but pretty much said he'd come to dinner no matter who was cooking, then asked why my roomy was not married yet. I can't answer that.

We then went out to do some Karaoke, roomy and new friend ruined Dream On by Aerosmith, and a few other songs. I did Just A Girl by No Doubt and There You Go by Pink when everyone thought Pink was "Black."

I refused to be intoxicated last night. I did have some drinks but I was not in it to get drunk. I wanted to sing and that's what I did. And by the standards the folks at the bar had, I'm not half bad. Yeah my ego got stroked. That's other reason to stay sober last night. I sound awful drunk. 

The weekend was hard on both my and RFKAO's bodies, and we have volleyball tonight. I am and I am not looking forward to it.  Volleyball does not look like it is such a demanding sport but OH MY GOD, it is. It's sober fun with people who just want to play and I think that's something we both need in our lives. 

I've got the roomy blogging now. He named me Queen Bee in his (because I'm awesome), hopefully the next time he post and update I can link it here so, you can get the other side of this super roomy duo.

I'm off to put some work into chapter seven. In this chapter everyone is really tense. I like it.


  1. Ok...since you just wrote an honest post; I'll write an honest comment. To be truthful, I selfishly just gobbled up your compliments you posted on my blog and did not take the time to read a full post on your blog. BIG MISTAKE. You are such a talented and entertaining writer. Not to mention raw and gritty. I feel like so many of the sentiments you expressed in this post alone, totally mimic how I feel 99.9% of the time. I kind of wish we lived closer so that we could hang out...then again, I feel like we would get in entirely too much trouble together, hahaha!! If you ever need unbiased advice or need to vent to a stranger/friend (that's what we are I suppose) feel free to email me at and who knows...maybe I'll meet your slut of a dog one day :) Haha!! Xoxo!!

    1. Right, getting into trouble is not something I'm really looking to do, but if you're ever in SD me and RFKAO love entertaining. And because you called my dog a slut, me and the roomy are truly thinking of getting a tag made for him. Hopefully we forget by the time we make it over to Pet Smart. Thank you for being so honest, and very flattering. Consider my ego overwhelmingly stroked.


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