Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's Thursday/Saturday, where's the Bean Counter?

This week's edition is brought to you by Silly Men All Over The World.

Last week tally: I think it was 61 I should go and look that up.

~Let's go back in time to 2008 before I went on Deployment on the San Antonio.~

Issued a no contact order via text message to my ex boyfriend because he cheated on me. +50 just for being an ass about it.

Got a really angry F*ck You from the ex for being an ass about it. +50 WINNING (peep the youtube video)

Told said ex to have new girl lick his salty wounds and got another F*ck You. +100 EXCELLENT


Met PNNU and really dig the little man. +10

Spent the next two nights getting to know each other in various states of inebriation, AKA Queen Bee gets plastered. -45

The PRESENT in no particular order...
PNNU leaves town for what ever reason and now Ms. Townes is really bored. -31

Chewy yakked on the kitchen Floor. -10

Chewy didn't yak on the carpet. +15 woohoo easy clean-up

Chewy left RFKAO an AM present and it was smelly -10

RFKAO has a photo shoot.+ 25

Tell another guy that I've been talking to, that he's not exactly what I'm looking for in a man. I swear he seems like someone I could trample all over. I was very very nice about it. He replies with bondage and spankings. Gagzooks!!! Gracious!!! Great Googly Moogly!!! Wow. Not winning -150

Finally mailed off some salsa to a friend in Japan +15

Saw some unbelievably attractive male go-go dancers at a dance club. THEY GET A MOUTH WATERING +50

The aforementioned  ex boyfriend decided violate my no contact order just to friend me on Facebook. What a loser, just for darkening my virtual doorstep he gets a -25

I got to use my elephant joke on the paternal parental unit this morning. Officer Dad didn't get it. +/-0

This week's tally:
105 people the week's are looking brighter.

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