Sunday, April 29, 2012

Start Rant

I know I'm not a great writer. I know that I need more training and that my book is far from finished and that I'm dragging my ass. I do the Flash Fiction on Madison Woods' blog every week in hopes that: ONE I'll create a story that will help me pull my own novel together and TWO get people to take me seriously as a writer starting out.

That said I checked my email just now. I saw a subject line saying "We get new stories every week"  I was pretty psyched. I thought it was another outlet for my other stories that sort of jumble together. Once I  have something that resembles a short story I want to submit it somewhere. I'm compelled to submit a story anywhere and everywhere.

I clicked on it already planning which story I'll tweak before I hit submit, and it's an advertisement  for a sexual servant.

Don't get me wrong I can and have written erotica. I just was not expecting that kind of let down. It's like something I read in a blog a few weeks ago. Sadly I forgot who wrote it. It read something like I love getting email or any mail that starts with I love your book. Then it turns out to be an author begging another author to not only read but BUY their book.

It is nowhere near the equivalent of that kind of let down, but I feel used. I feel tricked into thinking that I might actually gain something from this correspondence. I lost in fact, that was 8 minutes of my life I will never get back.

Screw you  sexual servant. Literally go screw yourself on something pointy. I'm busy faking like I'm a real writer and your squelchy noises are breaking my concentration.

End Rant.

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