Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kickin it back to Old Skool

I'm in love with "Clearing the Wire", so much so that I'd decided to make it a new project. The New God's chapter seven is being as troublesome as chapter six. But I must keep writing or else I'll never have anything to show.

If you read the Flash Fiction entry for Friday you'd have noticed it's not 100 words at all. Only because I found a rich story waiting to be told, from that one well taken picture. The comments on that entry were astounding. Even the negative feed back was good. And like I said in the comments, it screams project in flashing neon lights.

That cinched it in my mind. So yesterday I went old school and found a notebook. I began writing about "Boy",  her real name is Casey Marjorie Bennet. I can tell you now that I like her and I hope to do the whole thing in first person.

So far my "Boy" is an adult living in Boston, she's got a very rich life in Boston. All that changes with one pre-dawn phone call from home. The story is of the trip back and all that happens there where she doesn't have to hide what she is.

"Clearing the Wire" will be featured there as a flash back to her youth and I'm really hoping that it becomes a great story.

So if I forget the Bean Counter this Thursday, please forgive me. I'm lo-tech on this story and it feels right to be that way. 

Speaking on Flash Fiction, Madison Woods has kindly started putting the photo prompt out on Tuesday's instead of Wednesday's I'm thinking of featuring the picture here. Just in case any of you decided to join in the fun. The rules are over here in her page and it's pretty much the same as what I've been doing. I only ask that if you DO post a shortie that your post the link to her blog, then post it to mine so that I can see it on Friday, like every one else. Plus I'm just really nosey and a little on the lazy side I don't want to chase down your stories if you got the idea from me. I might never see it if you don't.

So I'll be pages deep into my notebook  for a few days/weeks making "Boy" come to life.  Grand Pa's got a name already and "Boy" even has a supporting character: Officer Pleasant, Officer Jericho D. Pleasant. I wonder if giving him a name like that is going to help him or hurt him...

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