Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bad subs and a boo boo buddy

This week does not bring anything new to the table. I finally managed some how to get the rent paid this month. WOOHOO we're not homeless. As for writing you can just call me looser because I haven't written anything since last week. Things like eating and keeping a roof over my head sort of do that.

Honestly I would have continued to write if I knew there was nothing I could have done. But the was and between the two of us, RFKAO and I managed to do them all.

Work though has been interesting.  I was given a client who is supposed to be a submissive. That's cool you body isn't your own, I get it. This ass clown was a disobedient sub. I hate disobedient subs. The little selfish pansies want you to give them 3000 percent while they sit there looking stupid and saying dumb shite like "I don't Know." It's like being back in the service and talking to a junior Sailor. Don't tell me you don't fucking know. Of course you fucking know, your dumb ass is just too ashamed to say it. I hate disobedient subs, just as much as Gorgeous George hates Pikeys.

Gorgeous George: It's a camp site, a pikey campsite... 
Tommy: Ten points. 
Gorgeous George: What we doing here? 
Tommy: We're buying a caravan. 
Gorgeous George: Off a pack of fuckin' pikeys? What's wrong with you? This will get messy. 
Tommy: Well not if you're here. 
Gorgeous George: Oh, you bastard! I fuckin' hate pikeys! 

I shouldn't complain right because they are the one coming out of pocket. But I will and I'm not going to waste my time on some caller who doesn't know what they want. I don't care how many times you call back. If you're a bad sub I won't like you. We don't have that kind of relationship, and I will refuse the call. I don't get paid enough to mind read how to punish you. I'm not emotionally involved with your fantasy and personally I really don't care of you even get off. It's a boost for my ego if you do but I still get paid regardless. So no I'm not going to figure out how to punish you for the next call. I just don't care. You as my client can be a good sub or you can find a new master.

I could be considered a cop out, that's fine. I'm not a Dom in real life so asking me to deal with a difficult sub is really beyond my realm. The question is, do I want to invest more time into this JOB (not a career) and not be compensated for it? Heck no.

My other new client whom I can't stand is some crusty old fart who has never been hurt in his entire life. Hence his fetish for wanting to be completely destroyed. I'd be okay with this except he calls off my schedule and can't remember shit. If this guy asks me one more time what my bra size is, is the bra made by Vanity Fair (who the heck wears Vanity Fair?) and what color is my hair one mo'gin... 

This jack tard calls more than once a day. He hogs up all my time and frankly I'd rather talk to my other clients. I've built up a good report with them and personally I think it's selfish of this guy to take up so much time when he's not going to remember any of it an hour from now.

I have a routine and these two are screwing it up. I could be writing here, or in one of the books or walking the dog, which thanks to re-re number two I wasn't able to before sunset. Because if these two I really want to find another agency. They aren't worth getting by blood pressure up for and if it weren't for my other customers I really think I would have quit by now.

I do not enjoy arguing with someone about what's the best way to break a jaw. Because in my nerd geek brain using the heel will not break it sufficiently in one blow. What the heel of a stiletto will do, is miss the hinge completely and puncture a blood vessel. No broken jaw, just a bleed out. Best use the platform portion of the ball on the shoe. But NNNOOOOOOO crazy pants insists on the heel. Crazy pants thinks he'll survive. I'm thinking a well aimed shot on either side will break open his mouth using the ball, I'm telling him what will most likely happen, and yet he still insist he's right. Crazy old fart wants me to break out all his teeth and feed him hair dye. What a freaking weirdo, and he has no memory so ten minutes after he asks me how much i weigh he's going to nag me about my bra again or start in with bleach and pyrex measuring glasses for the fifth time.

I feel like this is time wasted, and since I get paid by the minute I know it's costing them a fortune. I don't feel bad for them I feel bad for me. I really could have done something  a million times more valuable with my time. Even if I did get paid for it.

I just want to smash my soap box right now.

The Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt will be up shortly. I have one more short from last week that still needs posting and thanks to the week me and the roomy have been having I haven't done that. Bad Tia, Bad... anyway if you made it to the bottom of this entry then you deserve a hearty handshake, maybe a hug, and definitely a cookie. 

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  1. You are right about the heel. Personally my favorite weapon of choice is a blunt weapon. Usually in the form of a bat or crowbar, my choice weapons for zombie apocalypse. If you did use the heel, you would have to aim very carefully for the hinge of the jaw to break the hinge. While at the same time not using enough pressure to go father into. FYI, getting the heel out either way would be a bitch.
    I do love hearing about your customers. I totally think you should log them all and if all else fails release a tell all book.


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