Monday, May 14, 2012

More Flash Fiction: Unofficial stuff from last week

Like I said I had three stories this weekend for Flash Fiction. We've got some returning characters. This one My roomy RFKAO says he wants to read so with out further ado, I give you, Grand Pa and "Boy."

"Boy." Grand Pa had somehow invaded my dreams.
"BOY" No, Grand Pa was in my room. He just growled.
"Took you long enough. Take off that silly pink thing. We're going." 
I took off my favorite night gown and socks reluctantly.  I then joined my very naked Grand Father out front. "It's a good night to run, boy, you won't have too many left before you have to choose a mate."
"Grand Pa if you know I'm a girl why do you call me Boy all the time?"  I popped my neck and sighed as my spine cracked.
"Because I didn't raise no sissy, and your mate will know that." He said from his crouch. 
I looked at the sky, the clouds cleared just enough to show the moon. I felt its pull, then dropped into my cougar as Grand Pa bounded into the woods.

I roared at the feeling of her shining on me. It was a good night to run.

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