Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What am I reading?

So a while ago I had this great idea to write a review about what I'm reading. I'm not a professional reviewer and no one asked me to do it but I think I should as the Wednesday feature.

See I should structure my blog I think. Just because it needs a little organization. That and to give me a reason to update it. I mean I'm supposed to have a Bean Counter on Thursday and The Flash Fiction on Friday. Why not review a book on Wednesday?

Well Ms Townes, you don't read  a book a week do you? If I had a book to read a week I would. Besides I'm supposed to be getting into a field where my written word is going to make me famous. What better way than to start doing reviews? 

Yes that is my dog in the corner.
Somewhere in my mind this makes sense. 

So what have I read this past week? Well I've read A perfect Storm by Lori Foster. Another HQN Romance, good shit those Harlequin romances even if they stiff their authors something awful. If she ever got from under Harlequin I'd still read her work.

So anyway A Perfect Storm seems to be about two very damaged souls trying to deny their feelings. Arizona, a feisty young thing was traded for drugs at  an even younger age and was more than mistreated. While Spencer a bounty hunter, still has his heart wrapped around his long dead wife.

Wonderful set up with the strong protector and the beautiful damaged goods. I question Lori's approach to Arizona's mixed background. It just doesn't seem clear to me. This doesn't take away form the story much, but it does come into play close to the climax. Maybe Lori wanted to lean on the delicate side of things? I know it sucks that in our books we want to create a safe place from racism in our fantasies, but if you're going to make it a big deal like part of the plot, then make it a big deal.

Arizona toes the line as the typical I've been hurt so I'm going to be a bad ass we all expect from human trafficking heroine's how ever think Lori again falters at making her so young. She tries to infuse the poor child with too much wisdom at the wrong times like during her interactions with the super nosey neighbor. Then she gives her teenage girl feelings when talking to a confidant. I know the goal was vulnerable but it's not working here.

Spencer on the other hand comes off very well as McGruff the Crime Dog. He's a little possessive and he knows it but doesn't want to admit it and also has a never ending barrel of restraint. Melted my panties right off. The one thing I don't like is how many times he says the word "boner" Who says boner? Aside from him, I mean, welcome back to 1994.

Over all a great book, I love the plot twist at the end. I saw the villain coming, but was pleasantly surprised about how that was executed. Very well done on that part. The very ending was a little lame though. If you actually read this book you'll understand, check out pages 440-442, you'll see what I mean.

Hey I'm a fan first okay....

So how should I rate this? Thumbs, Stars, Scooby Snacks? You guys tell me. 

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