Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friday Fiction Photo Prompt/ The Bean Counter

Here's the Prompt this week for Friday Fictioneers. Yes, yes it's Thursday and I'm sure I'm slacking this week. Work has been a beast this and RFKAO has a new job that's disturbing my routine. I've gotten so used to him being around that I'm pretty much bummed out when he's gone.

If I wasn't such a commitment phobe I think I'd go out and find a man to take up my time. Instead I'll just get used to this new thing and do what I do best. As soon as I figure out what that is...

Tha'ss puurddy...

And now on to the Bean Counter:

Last Bean Counter tally: 62 Not very promising.

That I missed a week of the Bean Counter: -20

Donna Summer dies at 63 of cancer: - 50

RFKAO has no idea who that is: -40

Adam from the Beastie Boys also passed away: -35

RFKAO once again didn't know who that was: -25

The rent got paid: +100

Chewy hates his new food so much that he's not eating it: -25

We have food we can substitute so he's not starving: +15

Unpacked the last box from two moves, Japan to states, then from tiny place to this one: +45

Met a guy named Richard on my walk the other day who has three dogs and wants to plan play dates with Chewy. Richard's Pit Bull is theee sweetest thing on four legs, as long as you let him chew on his ball: +12

RFKAO listened to me have a conversation with my brother where my Boston accent  came out so thick he almost couldn't understand it: -10

RFKAO started a game of Punch Buggy and I won by two: +21

My GI Bill paperwork was approved so I'm going to school in the fall: +41

Since the paper work is approved I have to make a trip over to the college to start my registration: -19 no no like waiting in line.

Ran out of meds again, and now I see things that aren't there: -67

I'm not freaking out over the things that aren't there, I just know that there not there: +11 hey what ever works.

We almost died on the 805 over the weekend because noon time drivers are insane: - 41 messes with my anxiety.

Sang I Will Survive at Karaoke on Sunday with a soar throat and still did a fabulous job: +50

Thanks to over paying the gas and electric bill last month the bill this month is $-1.00: +10

RFKAO randomly tells straight guys I'm single I'm not sure if that is a bad or a good thing: +/-0

Home girl in Japan not only gave birth to an unbelievably beautiful little girl, but she actually found time to buy me some Dydo Juice while she was at it. What a super mom she'll be: +35

This Bean Counter tally: 69. 69! Meh, it could be worse.

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