Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update on Old School Project

My Hand Writing Sucks
While I was in the Navy it was my job to write down everything. So in theory my hand writing should be good. Trust me when I say write down everything they mean everything.  Depending on what kind of system the ship has it pretty much sails itself. So you have this guy armed with a compass divider a ruler and a ginormous pad of lined paper.

Give that guy some breast, brown skin, and a mouth full of snarky inappropriate comments and you have Ms. Townes, anytime between 2006 and 2012. So since the stuff I was tasked to write had to be legible and it was.

Sadly the first thing to go, aside from my desire to exercise, was my semi good hand writing.  Way of the dinosaur, outdated like mile high hair bangs, relegated to the past like 8-track tapes and exterior wood paneling on station wagons, heck station wagons.

So last week I was waxing poetic about how great it would be to start a project Old School with a pad an paper. Well this Sunday, being a new week I decided to check out what I'd written so far. Can't read a damn thing. I can guess at it and I can even dig up the glasses I'm supposed to be wearing. It won't do any good. I wrote some if it when I was sleepy. 

I gotta start all over again. Luckily it's still fresh otherwise I'd be really really upset. 

What I miss about having to make sure my writing is legible is the fact that if isn't then I'd have to re-write the darn thing. Since I'm the only one that has to read it I guess I stopped caring.

I wonder if other folks not just writers have the same deal? I remember in school, there was entire lessons devoted to writing. My left hand already handicapped me on this subject but I swear at one time I was really good at it.

Then came the word processor. Life as we know it changed. Spell check was invented by some really angry teacher/English professor or who ever and life as we know began to take form. My mom had a Brother Word Processor. It was awesome. When every other family was getting their first affordable computer, we were stuck with that.  Eventually we upgraded. But the screw it I pretty much let my hand writing go sometime in high school.

I'm not complaining though, because I still to this day can't spell. Sadly now it appears I can't write either. The Nuns that taught me, may God bless them, must be rolling over in their graves or choking on pudding in a wheelchair somewhere, if they knew that all their hard work was going to waste. 

 Anyway enough of this. I've got my writer face on see the funny picture. That's my writer face.  Actually it's just me acting a fool and killing time before I settle down and try to make heads of tails of the last week's worth of stuff.

Next time I say I'm going to take if back to Old School. It better be on the dance floor or I'm hitting a costume party. I do a pretty mean Robot.  


  1. It's not just writers. I have the same issue. Though it isn't really with handwriting but content. I find that when I am trying to hand write something I sound like a complete and utter doofus. My spelling is fine but my grammar sucks monkey balls. That and my coherency is completely out the window. Forget trying to do structure. My thoughts are EVERYWHERE! Nor do I get half as much information onto the paper as I do when I type, which causes some traffic jam in my head to make things even worse!
    The world would be in a ton of trouble if my dream of having all 1s and 0s become 0s. Seriously. Not just because all banks would suddenly say 0 and the economy would find out what a real crash is. We would all revert to cave persons. Simply put we rely so much on technology to talk and write. Granted I would be fine as an artist. HA! Technology, I will always have oil paint, so suck it!
    Okay, weird tangent. But I know what you mean. Yeah, that was totally the point. :P

    1. Well then, LOL. At least someone got it.


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