Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Am I Commitment Phobe? YES

In light of my last relationship, Mr. Unflushable (formerly PNNU), I've come to the conclusion that I might be a Commitment Phobe. To prove this and to maybe explain away my really awkward guilt for what I don't know, I decided to take a quiz.

Google that wonderful thing that now rules my life: automatically gives me FIVE. Stating with the first one over at, some uber spiritual site, that I'll not willing wander on unless I'm doing research, like now. Anyway from a score of one to one hundred on the quiz, I got a 77. By two points that makes me a commitment phobe.

Not to just accept that as writ, I looked on to the next listing., is the be all end all of all things womanly(slutty), fashion, health, beauty, entertainment, and relationships. How many people and you're allowed to not raise your hand, have turned to the frilly pages of Cosmo to spice up your diet, wardrobe, sex life, or just to change your lipstick? I have and I'll probably do it again.  According to their quiz, not only am I one when it comes to relationships, I haven't committed to anything long term that involves strong bonds. I always assumed that I just had nomadic tendencies, and I liked to wander. According to them I am neither here nor there about my job, my home, or even my friends. Eghads, heaven help me, Cosmo pretty much called me a flake. If I had any deep rooted feelings I might just be insulted.

Then I decided I should check out the next listing. a site with some crusty looking man on it named John Gray PH. D seems pretty legitimate. I gear up for another round of questions. Why am I not surprised with the findings? Well honestly I pretty much had the idea in my head for a while now that I might be a little afraid to commit. So this should not come as a surprise. The quiz on this site asked some questions that I've heard already today, but then it delves deeper and I find myself hesitant to answer further. Nevertheless, I proceed and once again come up with the same  answers. To make matters worse it also labels me a flake. It says I shouldn't even own a dog, poor Chewy.

If you think I'm going to ask Oprah what she thinks of my relationship problems think again. You should remember how I feel about her and Tyler Perry. They can stuff it. I should look up Oprah's site, I just can't bring myself to do it.

What I do do, is take a break from the quizzing and look up Wikipedia's definition of commitment phobe. There isn't much there on it, and honestly I could have gotten that out of a dictionary. I was afraid that my face wold be pictured there though...

On, I'm actually ready to settle down! They asked five simple questions. As opposed to tallying your response, it was a simple right or wrong. No subjective quiz should have answers like that but hey, it made me feel like there was a light at the end of the tunnel for me yet. Winning!

The last quiz come from A very extensive 38 question multiple choice and fill in the blank behemoth that really makes you feel like you've been probed. It was all fun and games though as I read the questions out loud to RFKAO. He already knows, based on everything we've talked about and experienced together that I do have some problems. Then again we met in rehab so that's pretty much a given. The results from that quiz are in the featured picture at the top by the way. Feel free to read through that. 

What these quizzes tell me is something I already knew, not to that extent, but I already knew. What the don't tell me is why? may have the answer to that. This article I found is on the longish side and I admit I didn't read the whole thing. Thus I can't tell you whether I agree with it completely or not. I figured since it is about one in the morning though I should mention it then think more on the topic through out the day in hopes of figuring out why I won't allow myself to be happy.  I should start a journey of self discovery or something. Or maybe I should just go to bed. 

Regardless The Photo Prompt will be up later for the Flash Fiction. That I CAN commit to, only because I can see the benefits of exercising my brain. That and there's really no effort there, you just enjoy yourself.


  1. Why? Why did you put links to those tests??? I already know I have commitment phobia. And yet I still felt compelled to click on those links and take them. I scored HIGHER than you. Don't know whether that is sad or something to smirk and be proud about. 88 dovey. 88. I am a high phobic. But I'm not surprised. I wake from wedding dreams in a panic. Even when I'm not dating anyone. I get cold sweats with the very thought of permanence.
    I like to think I am perfectly well adjusted. At least for an artist. I was raised by parents who have been together for 30 years and will likely continue to do so. Granted they have their ups and downs, but somehow have stuck together.
    No real reason for my phobia. I was never traumatized by divorce or separation. Only friends coming in and out of my life because I grew up a tumbleweed, lots of moving and rolling about.
    You can totally be my sister in Commitment Phobia. With our dogs we shouldn't own. :)

    1. Heck yeah, and no worries about the high score. It's your training, our whole lives we've been taught like the higher score. You once again, have rocked my blog.

    2. Rocked. Invaded. Bombed? Because I don't know how to leave short comments.


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