Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dating or more accurately not dating.

Neither RFKAO or myself are ready to date anyone. I must say though he might be closer to finding love before I do. I say this because he is at least truly open to the idea of finding someone.

But this blog is not about ability to love someone, this blog is all about ME. Yep ME ME ME ME


We remember PNNU aka Stage Five Clinger aka Mr. Unflushable? Well thanks to him and possibly the man before that. I have pretty much sworn off committment.  So going into this next encounter with a new person I gave a disclaimer: I want no sort of relationship. I want friends, people I can hang out with and add to the group. Females don't get this disclaimer because well I haven't had to need to use it on them.

Enter Sgt. Silly Pants. Came to the house on Sunday, roomy and I weren't planning on going out. We had ice cream and was really planning on watch Game of Thrones. What's one more person? Well the one more person came there was no watching of Game of Throne. There was how ever something vaguely similar to a first date where he told me about his family his first wife his two kids and some other stuff that really has no bearing on me.

RFKAO jumped on the fact that he was a straight Marine and that he liked killing zombies. (A fascination I will NEVER understand)

Came the next few days I get two things:  booty call text. Not that I'm against them, just not at 2 AM. A few days after that I get: I miss you.

Gasp!!! Do we have to go there? Yes says Sgt. Silly Pants, because he does. Ms. Townes proceeds to nip that in the bud. Well Silly Pants is not having any part of that. He not only wants a valid reason, he also demands closure.

Closure for what? A friend of mine  who give great advice, and I must say one of my best readers, got together on facebook to discuss it.

Lame Gazelles is now officially a term thanks to Sgt. Silly Pants. And honestly if I could write this crap and sell it I would.

I think I'm going to swear off dating for a while.

Of course after about two days of this I'm registering for Why do this? Well I have no idea. It is not at all like I don't have a care in the world right?

The thread shown here actually goes on for quite a bit and ends with us getting a good laugh out of it. But I've come to the conclusion that I need to change me. Otherwise I'll just keep attracting the same man.

So is this the end of Sgt. Silly Pants? Yes, unless he drunk texts me later on...

Wow I'm glad I have some kind of support network. Because I think I'd pull my hair out.

Some times I wonder if I'm ever going to find someone that can exist by themselves...


  1. Well, you will always have me. At a distance. I will never get emotional about long silences. Nor can I provide booty calls or penis. But you'll have me. :P

    1. Oh wow I don't know what to say to that. Thanks babe???? Seriously though. It's always good to have girl friends. Especially sane ones that can find the humor in such silliness.

    2. If I couldn't find the humor in things I'd have either jumped off a cliff or committed mass homicide at this point. FYI, reading my comment after three hours sleep I have decided I probably am better off posting on little sleep than while I am trying to play video games at the same time.


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