Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Return of The Bean Counter: The Departure of RFKAO

Welcome back to a scathing edition of the Bean Counter.

Well Crikey!!! Can I even find the last edition's tally??? Why yes yes I can :  69

Boss doesn't seem so angry at me anymore: +10

One of my clients tells me that my home town had massive gang violence over the weekend: -20

Nurse Mom is one year from paying off the house AND the car: +15 even though it means absolutely nothing for me. I'm just happy.

RFKAO has done a complete one eighty and turned into this completely unreliable angry person: -45

RFKAO stop caring about the home we are sharing together: -35 because I still care, anything of value in this place is mine.

RFKAO morphs into a nasty five year old, quits his job and parks himself on my couch when he's got a perfectly good room to veg out in: -30

RFKAO has to leave: +50

Started writing again: +10

Thanks to me pulling from my retirement fund, the rent will be paid up to August: +50 Hey I am tired of running that risk every freaking month with no help.

The internet brings a butt load of awesome Memes to the table. But NONE of them beat POF's version of the Fail Whale. I want to wear that on a T-shirt. Gosh darnnit that's just the cutest little robot ever: +12

Chewy was almost raped on Sunday night by a randy Maltipoo. I wish my dog had some balls...: -19 Darn you Humane Society for fixing him.

Then the little creeper actually followed us home while I had to carry Chewy: -15 We were then serenaded with sad whining because I wouldn't let the mangy thing in my house.

Came to the conclusion that I might have to start going beck to AA because life is not fun anymore: +10

Submitted my resume to a place I actually WANT to work at instead of waiting for pervs to call: +11

The next dating blog I do might actually have some insight in it. I'm thinking that I'll save it for Saturday since historically I don't post much on the weekends. The topic is why women keep attracting the wrong men:  +/- 0

Power goes out in the kitchen. I fixed it with out even putting on my tool belt: +13

Of course no Bean Counter is complete with out offending some one/group. I thank Google+ for this awesome meme:

 Epic +38

Walmart once again wins the war with my wallet. Went in for trash bags, left with $139 worth of crap. Utter simple crap: -12

Under a Vampire Moon By Lynsay Sands
How ever while at Walmart (Walmart is the Devil) I found the next two books I plan to review: +14
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter By Seth Grahame-Smith

The Plumber returned and removed of all things, a child's tooth brush from the drain in the bathroom sink. At least he knows I don't have kids: +5

The Plumber decided that the toilet pretty much needed to be rebuilt: +5 doesn't cost me anything.

That he's doing it while I sit there wiht a full bladder: -36

What's this week's tally: 115     A whopping 115, some where this is a win.

Donut forget the Friday Fictioneers coming up tomorrow.

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