Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This is my rifle, and this is my gun...

So in Chapter seven I decided to put Malik on the back of the truck and give him a heinously awesome gun. So I asked RFKAO. Initially I was not impressed. I wanted a 240 which I've had to pleasure of watching in action, when I was on ship. Maybe it's my dad and countless episodes of Home Improvement that rose up and grunted, but I wanted bigger.

Meet the futurized MG 42 Kxxi This gun has not been invented yet. And by golly when it is, I hope I am as humanly far away from it as possible.

Take an old WW2 gun and advance it 1000 years. Lets make the bullets out of glass. Lets make the glass shatter on impact and have nano machines replicate once they enter any kind of living creature. Let's make the nano machines out of a like, a super complex protein and then once its spread uncontrollably, give the victim insta-tumors that block vital passageways like- to the heart and lungs. Maybe even target the nano machines to start in the stomach and make them eat away at the lower intestinal walls.

The futurized MG 42 K xxi is a bad ass gun. I like it. One person could break this gun down into five large pieces in a minute and thirty small undetectable components in three minutes. I want to mount to be light weight but sturdy. Then because I'm a girl lets make it pink.

Seriously though, I'm not a gun person. I never was, I'm from a state that has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. That's not to say we don't have a lot of violence. But I know it's harder to legally own a firearm in Massachusetts than some other states. I'm sure true enthusiast have found ways around that.

The point of this piece was to discuss weaponry, which is not my forte. I burst into RFKAO's room asking him about guns. Actually he sort of sauntered into my room asking about boxes, but bursting into his room sounded way cooler. So anyway I "bursted into his room" requesting information about a really big gun that can be mounted on a truck.

Pic of the week
He threw out a bunch of letters and number which I promptly googled. Funny, the things I typed in came up a lot of pictures of naked women covered in oil. Then I came across this picture:

Made my freaking day, it did. Made my freakin' week.

I even wanted to get the big cannon the Old Spice guy used in the Expendables. Miss Omaya Kaboom herself. But I side tracked somehow and gave up.

I do like how my gun came out. I'm sure after discussing this with a bunch of engineers and some trigger happy rifle people I should be able to have better schematics on it.

Why am I researching a bigger better gun? Well it's supposed to be the future. It's supposed to be dystopia. There should be more dangerous ways to kill a person. That's what humanity seems to be good at. So why not advance the weaponry? Am I strangely uncomfortable with this topic? YES a resounding yes. But I'm also a little excited.

Let's face it I'm always excited about something.

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