Thursday, January 5, 2012

8 Ways to get a date/Shaky hands

My hand shakes, call me paranoid but they never used to shake. I wonder what that means in the long run, other than ruling out a career as a world renown plastic surgeon. So I attribute this to one of my many problems. A) It could be a symptom of my ever present anxiety. B) I now have the shakes due to my recent commitment to sobriety. Or C) I have Parkinson's or some other shaking people's disease.

Maybe it's just the Meds…

And because everything on the Internet must be true, sure enough it's the meds. Good Job Watson, go pat yourself on the back.

Knowing this is not something that will bring the guys running to my door step, I tried to think of things that would.  Because I've been told everyday for the last 5 1/2 years have a plan, I made a list!!!!
Lists are cool!!! All the kids are doing it.

1. Smile- people who have actually spent some time with Ms. Townes will tell you that Ms.Townes does not smile. I have nothing against smiling, mind you, I just don't. This would make me more approachable.
2. Fake like I'm not from Boston, Ma. - I'm a Bostonian, no amount of world travel will change that. The only place natural Bostonian instincts are acceptable is Boston. We are a rude bunch, worse than New Yorkers. A little Southern Hospitality is needed here.
3. Never go outside with out some kind of make up on- (this was suggested by someone who actually wears make-up) My mother, you gotta love her does not get out her car unless she has on lipstick.  She has bad luck if she forgets. Call me crazy but I have seen this happen. For me I'll make this exception. Chapstick is make-up…COME ON!!!!!
4. Make eye contact- Don't stare, but don't pretend that you don't see anyone either. 
5. Be enthusiastic- You have a passion, express it. Mine is writing, old movies from the 80's, tattoos, beaches, playing volleyball, music… Get the point? 
6. Read the news- I know I am guilty for being completely oblivious  of what's going on in the world. Planet Tia may be a cool place to hang but the real world is where it's at.
7. Be open minded-  So what , homegirl, is wearing sandals from 2009 in the middle of winter. That's her thing. Leave her be. Try not to make a face, some one might confuse it for not smiling.
*****8. Stop pre-judging- Waving the guilty flag again. It's very easy to base an opinion just be the first impression. We are all taught to make a good first impression. The problem with wanting to make a first impression is that the first impression isn't always the best impression.

Some would say that my list is all cosmetic or superficial. And they would be right. But the great thing about this list is that it doesn't take much time to do, AND it leads to the more important things like actually getting a date.


  1. Hi Tia, sometimes I wonder if men are really worth all the effort :(

    Sometimes I wonder if its less about finding the right man and just looking after yourself.

    I have kissed every frog out there and I am still looking for my prince!

  2. Aaahhh grasshopper, you are looking at how far the treasure is, but not enjoying the journey there. Minus the grass hopper thing my Dad would say stuff like to me all the time. I'm liberally applying it here.

    I was bored the other night and looked up the Speed dating thing. Interesting concept once you get over that fact that it's a meat market IMHO. You may not find Mr or MS Right at these functions, or Mr/Ms Right Now for that matter. The idea though is to have fun meeting people and collecting the war stories. Stories which you can use at will, in little anecdotes somewhere else.

    It also helps you to focus on what you really want. By throwing a bunch of people at you in a short amount of time, you are forced to weed what you DON'T like. Once you've gotten that down you'll know what to look for.

    A friend of mine said to make mistakes means you're making changes. As much as I hate change, it is a great thing. So you have to kiss a few frogs. Meh... It's nothing a little mouthwash can't handle.

    I think it's worth it.


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