Friday, January 27, 2012

How to build fear

If  the most dangerous person you know slinked up to you and just walked your path with you what would you do? How would you feel?

Malik, the love lorn fool, is at this very moment dealing with this situation. If I was Malik, I'd not worry, because I haven't done anything wrong. I might even engage her in conversation. I might even start with, Hey Camille, killed anyone lately? Camille being a trained assassin since birth, might actually reply with some off color humor. But A I'm not a love lorn fool, B I'm not Malik, C Malik had been a bad boy.

Outside of THE NEW GOD I've actually taken some time and developed Camille in character development, between her and her brother. In this part of her story she's fresh faced and new to the job her family has been training them to be. 

Before you get all, OMG, on me, the whole freaking family are all trained assassins. It's the family business. They are one of the most powerful families in what's left of the organized world. You ned protection, call them. You need someone offed, you call them. You have to understand that for her and her brother Nicky, this is normal.

Back to Malik who was off snooping where he wasn't supposed to. Malik has a few issues with women. Years in the future men will still have a problem with women. I don't believe that is something that will ever go away. One of them being his belief that no woman should be as "dangerous" as Camille. Another being that women should appreciate the value he brings, by just existing. My favorite is that, his love interest should not have ever been higher ranking than he. Malik my friend you got it bad.

All this brings me to how to blend that into two major conflicts within The New God. One how he handles Celine and her new relationship, and how the evil that everyone (Celine, Will, Malik, Camille, Petra, Stoddard, Davis, Verine'e, Logan, Randall, Winston and Harold The Boss) is fighting against, infiltrates the team.

Can you believe I'm stuck? Of course you can. Truly because I'm not sure how involved Camille should be in Malik's business. I'll have to ponder this while I go argue with VA.  

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